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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adventure in the Desert - Part 2 Honanki Ruins

Changed the header to a different picture of the red rocks. I’ve also got a video of a short part of the ride yesterday. But think I’m going to have to walk over to the lodge to get it to upload.
Been watching NASCAR and Kyle will be starting 3rd Sunday in the Cup race. For some reason he isn’t driving his truck tomorrow – Denny Hamlin is.
Part 2 – the Honanki Ruins.
More dirt rough road to the second set of ruins. I don’t remember ever being to these.
Just rolling along – now there are white mountains next to the red one.

I just thought this piece of rock was interesting looking.
A rocky part of the road.
Made it to the Honanki site. Again National Forest so no fee.
The easy path leading to the ruins. Lots of pine trees here. The red rock intensifies the green of the trees.
Just some information about the ruins. Maybe if enlarged it can be read.
Our first sight of the ruins. Just under the ledge of rock.
Some of the pretty colorful vegetation in this part of the desert.
There was a fork in the path – one part led straight ahead the other went around the back of a tree. I asked Bill to wait for me while I checked out the path behind the tree. HA! Not going that way. Had enough of the rock steps already today.
The other path goes through these trees.
Getting closer to the ruins.
Some of the drawings on the walls. It amazes me that they can last so long.
Some of the walls and rooms of the dwelling. Again they probably had a second story.
More drawings. Deer, men and lizards 
And some graffiti from 1925. Wonder what they used to leave their mark for so long.
Another Clan marking and wall art.
A pano shot of the dwelling. I’m having problems with the camera with the pano shots – don’t know why I can get “move camera in direction of arrow.” For some reason I either move too slow or too fast and the picture cuts off. Double click the pic to enlarge them.
More of the path – this part is over some slick rock – but at least it was wide enough.
An interesting tree. Looked like it was two trees stuck together but actually think the part with the bark might have been a parasite of some sort.
The same tree with a growth coming out of the barkless side.
Just like the colors of the rock, cactus and tree.
Back to Willie – he is slowly changing color to pink/orange.
Going back out the road.  Glad no one was coming over that hill.
Or around that curve.
Back on pavement with Sedona in front of us.
I can feel all the climbing and walking in my legs.
Only exciting thing we did yesterday, Friday, was go out to dinner and I worked on my new knitting project and new combinations of four letter words. Really need to pay attention to what I’m doing with this one. 
Watching the soccer game and it is starting to get exciting - 

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  1. I take pano shots with my Sony. You move it fairly fast, as it is taking a shot every 1/2 second or something. I didn't like them at all when I viewed them, because of the long narrow image. But then I discovered if you hit the center button when viewing, it will change to full height on your screen, and scroll to the end. Much better than that narrow image in the center.