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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Warm day in Branson

The header is of some flowers growing at Branson Landing – just thought they were pretty until I get another picture I want up there. And amazingly enough I figured out how to change the color of the Title – took a while but I won.
But back to today’s trip from Lebanon to Branson. Every time we go east or west on the I-44 I see the display of metal work. This time I managed to get a couple of pictures. They are about half size – be fun to have a truck in the front yard.

Guess we are getting closer to Branson – the signs are getting closer and bigger.
We didn’t have any problems finding the RV park it is south of town near the river. Have a back in space but it is roomy. Our MiFi and Satellite TV are working fine. The weather here today was HOT almost 80 with 90% humidity very muggly. Thank goodness for AC.
We went into town for a little bit to have lunch. We came into town in a round about way – and ended up at Branson Landing and spotted a Famous Dave’s restaurant. Found parking and walked into the pedestrian walk area next to the river. There was music piped all over, fountains and dancing waters.
And lots and lots of high end shops. Not too many walkers though – too hot. Bet those apartments cost a little bit.
Ah – Famous Dave’s excellent BBQ chicken, cole slaw, potato salad, corn muffin and ice tea.
Sitting outside on the patio next to the river. Only thing keeping it from being perfect were the flies – outside dining guests.
Walking back to the parking garage we passed these interesting lights – made out of some kind of heavy paper type stuff. Pretty though.
One of the apartment dwellers has a strange sense of Halloween humor.
The heat got to both of us so we headed back to the Alfa and the AC and a little nap. Tomorrow is another day. And tomorrow night and Saturday there is supposed to be rain. And then a major cool down! 
Just saw that the NASCAR drivers were testing today at Kansas - a new tire from GoodYear I guess. Hope the #18 likes it and it likes him. 

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