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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Interesting Yellow Bush

Started doing another load of laundry this morning – washer was just filling – when the campground worker came by to say that a main water main had broken and the campground would be with out water until it is fixed. Tomorrow? Maybe? So now we’ve got a bunch of wet clothes sitting in the washer. Wish they’d let us know 5 minutes earlier.
Was walking around the campground this morning and took a look at this bush. Lots of yellow branches.
A close up of the branch. It sure is intricate with all its little leaves – petals.
Forgot I’d taken a couple of pictures coming here. Here are the Twin Arrows – used to be in front of a trading post on Route 66. Little by little they are becoming more dilapidated– too bad.

Also a picture of the snow on the mountain by Flagstaff. It is over 12,000 feet high.

Here’s a panoramic picture inside Alfie – just playing with the camera. Looking towards the back. Sure is roomier than Jennie.

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