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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pretty ride up Oak Creek Canyon

To finish yesterday’s adventure before I start on today's [took 190 pictures today!]
After going to the hatchery we drove a ways up Oak Creek Canyon or 89Alt. It is always a beautiful drive. Going through the touristy part of Sedona we passed the Pink Jeep Tours building. They used to be the only tours – now there are Red Jeep, Safari Tours, Wild West Tours etc etc.
Of course I took lots of pictures of the red rocks along the way. I like the clouds in this one. 
Just a picture of a bridge on the highway.
And more red rocks. I know I take a lot of pictures of them but the red is so beautiful against the bright blue of the sky and the green of the trees.

Then looking down the river canyon at some of the fall trees.
Stopped to look down at the creek – but too many shadows to get good pictures.
The temperature in the canyon was 20 degrees cooler than in town. From 80 to 60!
As always passing back through town the traffic was stop and go and the sidewalks full.
As we headed towards home I remembered something I hadn’t mentioned. The other day when we drove the Red Rock Loop we saw a javelin! It crossed the road in front of us. Ugly, black hairy thing. But by the time I realized it wasn’t a dog I couldn’t get the camera turned on and focused fast enough to get a picture. Can you believe that? I didn’t get a picture.
Now this is one to add to our “experiences while grocery shopping in Arizona file.” We stopped at a very nice grocery store to pick up a few things. I’ll reiterate – a very nice store. While walking down the aisles I noticed a young woman – early 20’s or so – casually dressed sitting on the floor in the aisle. She was holding a baby. At first I thought something must be wrong so started towards her. Then I noticed another young woman squatting on the floor about 10 feet from the first girl. This one had a very expensive looking camera. She was taking pictures of the girl with her baby! Hum??? We went on about our business of shopping. A few minutes later we passed the milk coolers and there was the girl with her baby and the photographer. Again she was sitting on the floor in front of the milk cases. As we skirted around her I almost dropped my teeth. She had her boob out and was feeding the baby. Most of the shoppers in this market were about our ages and we all had our mouths hanging open. Now why would anyone want pictures of themselves and their baby sitting on the floor in a grocery store? We’ll never know cause we didn’t ask.
So anyway – on home where I started another knitting project using circular needles – for me they are hard to hang on to. Trying to make a lap throw this time.
This morning we went out for breakfast again and then took a long ride in the desert to a couple Indian Ruins. Now I have to sort today's pictures so I can share some of them.

Tomorrow morning EARLY 7 or 8 o’clock I forget which is a soccer game between arch rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid. Have to watch that. Then of course there is NASCAR practice and qualifying......but maybe we'll get a ride in to somewhere.
I really need to take a picture of Willie - he is covered in red/orange dust. 

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