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Monday, October 14, 2013

Now in Valley Verde, AZ

Monday evening at a Thousand Trails Campground in Valley Verde, AZ. Nice and warm during the day – and no wind here – and now that the sun has dropped behind the hills it is getting pretty cool.
Uneventful trip today of around 250 miles. Didn’t get any wind till we got near Flagstaff, AZ. And once we dropped down from 7000’ to 3000’ the wind let up. Did see our first  snow today on the 12,000 foot mountain near Flagstaff. Glad it was up there. Last year we ran into snow on the Interstate in Flagstaff.
We’ll be here for a week or so – just enjoying the area. For the first time in a long time Bill got the BBQ out and fixed Italian Sausages and I used my Pasta N More to steam some corn on the cob. Add a little potato salad from WalMart and we had a great dinner.

Not much to say today – so will sign off for now.

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