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Friday, October 4, 2013

A quiet day in Branson

Another very hot and muggy day here in Branson. Too hot to be outside. And tomorrow the temperatures are going to drop 20 some degrees.
We did venture out to go to the grocery store and find me some new tennis shoes. The ones I brought with us were not the ones I meant to bring. Also had to get a night light for the bathroom – sure is dark in there at night. Hum….the WalMart here is the first one we’ve been in in a long time that didn’t have groceries.
What is with the sites on the Internet – so many of them now have videos that start running the minute you open the site. With limited gigabytes those videos eat them up quick.  Have to remember to look for them and shut them down.
Took the flowers off the header and put up a picture from the campground. Eventually I’ll find something I really like.
Didn’t take many pictures when we drove into town – was too busy making sure we got to where we were going. But here is one of the water towers. Kind of cute.
About the only time we can go see the Texas Tenors is Sunday afternoon – right during the NASCAR –priorities……..Though after watching qualifying this afternoon I don’t think the #18 is going to have a real good race – he’s starting 18th or 19th.  Hope his practice tomorrow helps him.
This is a little tree right behind us – it has almost finished turning red.
A leaf from it. Isn’t nature wonderful? 
Actually fixed dinner tonight. Pasta, chicken and lots of different veggies. Lots of work for me – had to open the bag. (Birdseye Garlic Chicken – in frozen section – pretty good.) Well I did add more chicken, garlic, corn and wine. Pretty good.
Right now we are waiting for tonights storms to move in – hope they are quick and tomorrow is nice.

Don’t know what is going on with my knitting – got too confident I guess. Have started the same beanie four times and ripped it out four times. I keep getting to the end of a row either one stitch too many or one stitch short. Pretty bad I can’t count K1, K2 – P1, P2 Hard to screw that up you’d think. 

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  1. Well, that's why I like to crochet..but when I knit it takes forever and a day.. Are you going to stop in and visit with Ali and Ron..they run a RV park in Branson..be nice for you all to meet too..one of our Sistahs....Following you as you travel to Mexico..so enjoy those pictures..Safe Journey to you both..God Bless Zeee