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Sunday, October 27, 2013

A quiet Sunday

Just finished watching the Cup race – aarrgg! Horrible day for Kyle – back to 5th in points.
Today is our last day here –the car is already hooked up ready to leave in the a.m. Long boring drive day tomorrow all the way to Las Vegas about 310 miles to the Thousand Trails park there. I don’t like that park the spaces are so small we barely fit and of course they are all back ins and the roads are very narrow between rows of RVs. AND because they are working on the park over 100 spaces aren’t available so we could only get reservations for 4 days. We’re hoping after we get there we’ll be able to stay the whole 14 days we’d planned on. If not there are plenty of RV parks around just hate to have to pack up and move.
I discovered something last night that surprised me. Yesterday we stopped at the used book store again and stocked up on lots of reading. So I started a John D MacDonald novel. I have decided that I prefer reading the Nook to a book. Never thought I’d say that. On the Nook the print is bigger there is less on a screen then on a page so it is easier to read and keep your place. The Nook is lighter than a book and easier to hang on to and I don’t need a light on to read in bed because the Nook itself is back lighted. Lit?
We went out to dinner with another couple here in the park. It’s amazing how many things we have in common, how many times we could have been in the same place at the same time. Hope to keep in touch with them.
So any way time to post this and start putting stuff away for tomorrow.

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  1. Im with ya on liking the nook over a book. I never thought i would say it either but its great !! Safe Travels :)