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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cold and all day rain.

Didn’t rain here last evening but we are getting poured on now – 7:00 a.m. No sign of the sun anywhere.  Looks like it will rain most of day but at least it is much cooler. And today there are two soccer games on and lots of practice, qualifying and a race so we’ll be entertained. I’m kind of thinking we might stay here a couple more days as by Monday the weather should be perfect – then we can kind of explore the area a little. Not in a hurry to get any where.
11:30 and the rain still hasn’t let up any. The satellite TV comes and goes – came on one time just in time for me to find out my favorite NASCAR driver had hit the wall in practice and will have to go to a back up car for tomorrow’s race. He hadn’t qualified very good anyway but now he’ll have to start in the very back. Well CRAP watching the Nationwide qualifying and Kyle qualified good but they changed his engine since yesterday practice so he’ll have to start in the back in the Nationwide race too. Well it will be good practice for tomorrow. [Well he made it to 2nd then faded back to 4th – I guess 40th to 4th isn’t too bad – experience for tomorrow.]
It’s funny but the Verizon Internet is working on 4G during the rain – uses 3G otherwise. Wonder why that is?
Has not stopped raining all day and is getting colder by the hour. We now have the furnace on to take the chill off.
6:00 It has finally stopped raining; the sun even came out for five minutes. But it is still darn chilly outside. Amazing how the temperatures can change so dramatically overnight.

Fixing dinner – easy one – steak, potatoes and corn. I cook and Bill cleans. 

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