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Sunday, October 13, 2013

In Gallup, NM for the night

Hello from Gallup, NM. Further along than I expected to be tonight. We left the campground around 8:00 but stopped a mile up the road for diesel and breakfast so we actually hit the road about 9:00. Leaving Tucumcari this morning it was cold and gloomy.
Just before we got to Albuquerque we started to leave the cloudy weather behind us.
This morning was the last balloon festival event so the number of RVs leaving Albuquerque was amazing. Seemed like every other vehicle going east was an RV of some kind. We had kind of planned on stopping there but decided to continue on as it was still early and the weather was nice. Wouldn’t you know about a half hour later the wind came up again. And got worse as we went further west. Blowing hard enough to move us around some. 
There is a newer “souvenir shop” open on the I-40 – they must have spent a fortune in billboards. The second sign that says “topless” is about buying t-shirts. Had me wondering until we close enough to read all of it.
Up, up and over the Continental Divide at 7,275 feet.
And into some of the pretty red desert for a while. Seems like we could see forever.
Finally ended up stopping in Gallup, NM at the USA RV Park. Nice big pull throughs as you can see by looking at one of our neighbors.
Can you imagine driving that rig in the winds! Don’t know how that motorhome could tow it. And in the trailer was a full sized Hummer! Wow.
Gallup is 6500 feet high so we are just hanging out in Alfie and taking it easy. Tomorrow we’ll probably make it to Valley Verde, AZ just south of Sedona. Have changed our minds about going to Monument Valley it is going to be too cold there to really enjoy it.

But then again who knows what tomorrow will bring. Recalculate…….


  1. Goodmorning! I've never heard of Valley Verde. Did you mean Camp Verde? Verde Valley (green valley) is south of Sedona!
    Welcome to Arizona!

  2. Between Camp Verde and Cotton is the Valley Verde Thousand Trails RV park. We love this area - especially Sedona.