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Friday, October 18, 2013

Ride on the 89A from Jerome to Prescott.

(Started writing this yesterday.) Another cool night – when I got up this morning I turned the furnace on – or thought I did. After a few minutes I realized it wasn't on – Crap! Now what? Well when Bill got up he gave me the secret of turning on the furnace. The button has to be slid really hard to the right to turn it on. I had slid it to the right but not with enough push.
Another beautiful day here in Arizona. We started out by stopping at Georgie’s again for breakfast – can’t beat it. Bill’s breakfast – ham, two eggs, home fries, toast and coffee.

Mine same thing – Total cost? $13.20. Cheaper than fixing it at home.
Gassed up the Jeep at $3.22 – compared to Indiana gas is cheap here. And then headed over the 89A to Prescott. [89A - No vehicles over 50’] About half way up the mountain we met two big motorhomes towing cars coming down the hill. They must have had 100 cars backed up behind them. I wonder if they knew what kind of road they would be driving. The first time we ever drove it was in the early 1970s in our 24’ Pace Arrow. And we did the drive up through Jerome and continued on to Prescott AT NIGHT. Not a real fun drive.
Heading up towards Jerome we passed these fancy dressed birds.
Hopefully I can get a better picture of them sometime.
One of the 100,000 curves on the road – lots and lots of U turns.
Had to laugh at this picture – didn’t notice the rock had an afro when I took the picture.
Friday morning – had company last night so didn’t get a chance to finish the blog. This morning I did manage to get the furnace working to take the chill off. But the furnace is right under the bed so I woke Bill up. Once the place warmed up I put on a long sleeved shirt, turned off the furnace and Bill went back to bed. 
So back to yesterday. In Prescott we found a parking place right on Montezuma St aka Whiskey Row which now consists of bars and gift/gallery shops.
We went in a few of the shops. The first one we saw this magnificent jewelry and talked to the artist who makes it. The butterfly is made of very, very thin fine leather then hand painted. She says she uses very tiny brushes. 

I wish I’d bought one set she had they were dragon flies that were almost translucence.
Just another shop we went in. All kinds of neat stuff in there both and decorations and for sale. Lots and lots of stuffed animals on the walls.
How about these shoes?
Outside checking out the colorful trees surrounding the court house.
This is all metal – scraps of all kinds of different things – hinges, bolts, nuts, scraps etc. The wings are made of table knives, forks and spoons.
Saw this sign in a window – thought it was cute. ….______________
Walked around a little more – the weather was perfect. Then we headed to Best Buy to see if Bill could find a monitor – nope he didn’t. Not a very big store so guess he’ll wait until we get to Vegas. He can use his it just has a couple of weird quirks that get real annoying.
Then back home over the 89A – Up to 7,200 feet. A really beautiful drive. Heading down the mountain towards Cottonwood. That is the road way down there and the beautiful red rock of Sedona.
Around another curve a little further down.
We didn’t stop in Jerome this time. Will go back there another day.
Stopped at WalMart for a few things. Was hoping the water would be back on when we got home. But nope – just a bunch of machinery sitting around and a big hole in the ground. No workers working……It would be nice if they brought a water truck around today.

Right now I’m getting my NASCAR fix. Sure is different being in the Pacific Time Zone – things start so Early! Tomorrow morning there is a soccer game at 7 a.m. – 


  1. Did you stay at Thousand Trails? How was it?
    Have had a membership but often found them full.
    Going to Spring Training in March and have a reservation at Eagle View RV Resort in Ft. McDowell above Scottsdale. Thought about Thousand Trails or SKP in Verde Valley area on the way in from Northern CA.
    Pull a fifth wheel so wont go through Jerome as we are 50 feet total.

  2. We are staying at TT. We stay here at least once a year either on the way to Mexico or on the way home. Have never had problems getting in - it is a very big park. From here we'll be going to the TT in Las Vegas then maybe to Soledad Canyon in Acton, CA.
    We took the 89A in the Jeep - would not do it in an RV.

  3. AAAHHH!! Insanely JEALOUS!! Was in ALL those places last year, but am stuck in AB right now doing health stuff... And furnaces have been a fact of life up here for almost a month!! CAN'T WAIT to get on the road!!!

    Enjoy! I am experiencing it ALL vicariously through YOU!!