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Monday, October 7, 2013

Beautiful weather for feeding the ducks - OR Simple things amuse simple minds

Left Branson around noon. Went out for breakfast before we left. Only 130 miles today to near Joplin, MO. Took us about 2 ½ hrs. Easy day. Dinner tonight will be pizza made by the campground and delivered to our door. Had it here before and it is pretty good.
And before you ask – No – we didn’t go to any shows. Really screwed that up. Too hot, too rainy and no show on Sunday except at the same time as the race. Looking back I wish we’d gone to show instead of watching race.
Now this is a bust – right next to the campground. Don’t think it would set on a pedestal very easy.
Not much to take pictures of along the way. Just some fall color on the limestone.
And a typical Missouri farm. Looks so peaceful. 
And again I can’t get over how many “Adult” stores there are in Missouri along the I-44. Tomorrow we cross over into Oklahoma – probably as far as Oklahoma City.
Finally I got around programming the DirectTV remote so we don’t have to use both it and the TV’s remote. One by one we are getting things set up and convenient.

It was so beautiful out we took a walk around the campground and fed the ducks, fish and turtles. We’re staying at the KOA in Joplin, MO – very nice campground, easy off  I-44, lots of pull throughs, 30/50 amp service, WiFi if you need it. Cable TV. And they cook and deliver pizza for dinner. Just some pics of the place and the wildlife. 
They also have cabins for rent. 
Some of the many ducks resting in the shade.
We watched this guy/gal preen for about one half hour. Never stopped except to poop. I know more information than you needed. 
The fish pond with island at the front of the campground. Campground provides the corn and fish food. 
Some of the catfish in the pond, about two to three feet long. BIG mouths on them. 
And turtles too. 
Walked back by the ducks - they were waking up and going swimming.
And some babies - their little wings are just nubbins still.
Just floating around.
Bill had these guys eating out of his hand but my reactions weren't fast enough to catch them doing it. 
Can't get over how warm it is out. Lovely day. 


  1. Looks like good weather and sounds like a nice campground. Hope you enjoyed the pizza

  2. I just noticed the reflection of the bird in your door window. Did you know it was there when you took the picture?

    1. actually that is a stained glass window in the door. will try to find a picture of it to post