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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time at Montezuma Well

Another beautiful day here in Arizona yesterday. Bill fixed us a delicious breakfast and then I took a walk around the campground – a very small portion of the campground – this is one big place.
Decided to take a ride. Thought we’d go to Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Didn’t realize how far away it was OR how high in altitude it was - road went up to 7200 feet. Kept driving and driving up into the mountains. About half way there we could see this big fire in the distance. Both of us thought at one time that we saw flames….
As we got higher there were more and more trees dressed out in their fall colors. Very pretty.
When we finally got to the park I went in to talk to the ranger and found out it was a nice little walk to the bridge. It was downhill going there - it was the up hill coming back that didn't interest me. Neither of us do too good at altitude. So we just turned around and headed back towards the valley. But the drive was pretty.
Coming back down the mountain we were behind (thank goodness) a big two trailer gravel truck. He was riding his brakes instead of gearing down. Soon the brakes were stinking AND smoking.The smell was so bad Bill pulled over to put some distance between us. Not long after we got going again we passed him. He had pulled into a turn out and walking around his truck checking his brakes – I guess. Smoke and stink pouring out of his wheels. Thank goodness that was the last we saw of him, sure didn’t want him behind us.
By the time we got back to Camp Verde both of us were hungry. Every time we go past this area I have seen the sign for Johnny Rockets Diner so we thought we’d eat there. Had a problem finding it – turned out it was in the Casino there. Kind of cute inside.
I had a vanilla milk shake – forgot how good they were. And as the waitress brought our food she also gave us these Happy Face ketchup dishes.
Food was good, atmosphere cute, music LOUD!
From there we drove a ways and went to Montezuma Well. Glad the National Monuments are open now. 
On the walk up to the well you wouldn’t think there would be any water around here in the middle of the desert.
[Boy everybody and the uncle must be using Verizon Internet connections today - this is soooooo slow.]
One of the pieces of information about the Well. The name is funny as Montezuma was never ever in this area.
There are a lot of small signs in the area giving information about the different plants. I’d never thought of Creosote as a medicine.
Just a tree I liked – just beyond it (see the metal fence) is the Well.
And the Well. It is a long way down there. The stuff around the edges is algae of some sort. And the reflection of the rock walls.
Some of the dwellings built into the sides of the cliff below where we were standing and above the Well. How did they get up and down?
Just a bit of information about the Well. It can be enlarged by double clicking it.
Another view of the Well. And way into the distance. So peaceful and beautiful around it.
Some more information about another plant seen all over the desert. Made me want to pick some to see if it would help with Bill's allergies. 
And the plant – wish the picture was better ….
Around the other side of the Well was an artist.
A quick look of his painting – it was really quite nice. Yes, he said I could take the picture. 
A look at the dwellings from the other side of the Well. Ingenious people. Glad I live in modern times. I might get down to the house but I’d never get back up. My bones would dry out there.
A little further down the path were some regular dwellings. Not much left of them.
Just a look at the view they had. Beautiful. I love the desert. You can see so far and believe it or not there is a lot of color there.
One of the many pretty little plants.
I liked the last part of the walk it was all down hill to the parking lot. Took a picture of a tiny tarantula -but can barely see it in the photo. Then we returned home.
This morning we went out to breakfast with our neighbors here in the RV park – to Georgie’s of course. They were amazed at the quality and quantity of food for the low price.

Now we’re watching a soccer game – later we’ve got to go to Home Depot and then maybe a ride in the desert again. 
Hopefully this will post okay.  Took a while but it finally posted then I remembered I didn't mention that today is Bill's birthday. A young 77........


  1. Happy Birthday Bill !!! Hope you have many more !! :)

  2. A place we like to eat breakfast is Verde Santa Fe golf course on Cornville Rd, just south of 89A. We like to sit out on the deck and watch the golfers. Also very reasonable. A friend told me at the Cliff Castle Casino in Camp Verde, they have a $3.99 buffet on Wednesdays for card holders, cards are free. I guess it is all you can eat. I'd be tempted by the $15 prime rib on Saturdays.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bill!!
    We stayed at the condo at Verde Santa Fe back in March. Quite nice resort.
    Have you tried Bings burger joint in an old gas station? Food was ok but next door is the largest antique place that you can wander around and get lots of great photos!!

  4. Happy Birthday Bill. Wishing you many more. Love to hear about your adventures and hope to meet you guys some day.