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Friday, October 11, 2013

A look around Kiva RV Park

Went out to dinner last night at Del’s – look forward to going there when ever we are in Tucumcari just to get the liver and onions – some of the best I've ever had.
Weather got nasty last night for a while, strong strong wind and dust filling the sky along with rolling black clouds. A few minutes of sprinkles. Today is cool and the wind is still blowing but not quite as bad. Spoke too soon, as the day progresses the wind is getting stronger. Glad we are parked. 
We were planning on our next stop being Albuquerque but just remembered the balloon festival is there until Sunday – don’t know if we’ll find a space or not for Sunday evening.
I am getting paranoid – last year it was clocks that kept giving me problems this year it is electronics. One of my USB ports in my laptop doesn’t want to work anymore – thought I had a USB hub with us. We do but no cord to connect it to the laptop.  Also one of our mouses (?) just took a crap – luckily it was Bill’s – so being a nice wife I gave him mine. But on closer inspection discovered it was just a battery. So all’s well now.
And for some reason yesterday when we got on the road the refrigerator which has always switched from electric to LP when we unplugged… didn’t. After some manually pushing of buttons we got it running on LP – then when we got to the RV park and plugged in again it switched automatically to electric. Kind of makes me nervous….but it is working fine now.
Took a walk around the area by the RV park. This is one reason I like this park. We aren’t all lined up in rows. More friendly gatherings under the trees with little tables and chairs spread around.
The owner of Kiva RV Park working on a “Man Cave” teardrop trailer. Check out the keg on the back.
 He’s going to put in hardwood floors, bed, cabinets, small TV and lights. When finished it will join this one out front.
Went into the park's office check it out. 50’s décor green vinyl chairs and even a clock radio there in the back corner.
Don’t remember ever seeing one of these. It is a penny counter.
A 1956 Family Circle magazine. Only cost 7 cents! – what are they now? $1.25 or more.
Walked across the street (old Route 66) to check out this mural.
A closer look at the cowboy – check out the detail in the shirt. Amazing.
Then walked down a block to see one of the new murals – finished a couple of months ago. It’s on the radio station building.
The back part of it. No clue why the guys are up the tree with binoculars.
A closer look at the guys in the tree. Looks like they have equipment of some kind - with cords hanging from them. Announcing a football game maybe? 
Part of the same mural closer to the front of the building.
And the rest of it on the building front. 
Beautiful day today except for the darn wind again. 
Oh Goody! Kyle got the pole for tonight's Nationwide race. Just needs to win it without wrecking anything.