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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just a get things done day in Vegas

Don’t know what we did yesterday that kept me too busy to blog…well maybe it was the nap.
First off here is a picture of the sunset on Monday – the day we got here. So much dust in the air from the winds that we couldn’t even see the sun.
THE GREMLINS strike again! When I got up yesterday morning there was no power. First I thought it was the breaker for our site but turns out it was the whole RV park. Water went out in Arizona and power out here. The company says they are working on improving all their facilities…sure hope so. I panicked ‘cause the guy who called me about the TV said “Do not turn the satellite or the receiver box off.” Ugh – no  power = off. But when the electricity came back on so did they without any problem. 
We went to the outlet mall on the south side of Vegas so had to go down the Strip a ways. Just a few pictures. I liked the reflections in the building.
The famous Las Vegas Sign. People were standing in line waiting to take their pictures at the sign. Since we’re were here last the city has actually built a parking area by the sign so people aren’t stopping in the middle of the road to take their pictures.
And the iconic New York, New York hotel with Lady Liberty out front.
We found a couple of things we were looking for at the mall. I got a new pair of tennis shoes with memory foam inside and a good arch – hope they’ll keep my stupid foot from aching. And we got a couple of big coffee cups for Bill. I could have sworn I put his big cups from home in the Alfa – but can’t find them. So now he has new ones.
From there we stopped at the WalMart on Boulder Hwy right across from Sam's Town. Did our shopping and as we left we were stopped and had to show our receipt! At WalMart? Used to it at Sam’s Club but WalMart? And our items were checked. Big sign at exit – all receipts must be showed. Bill asked the lady why. She said the store did an inventory a while ago and discovered a 3.5 million dollar inventory shortage! So new policies – check what is going out the door and if things don’t improve the store will be closed. Will be curious to see if the other WalMarts in town do the same thing.
Last night we took a ride up and down the Strip. It seemed to me that it wasn’t as bright as it used to be.
Just off of Tropicana Ave just past the MGM
But the Flamingo continues to light up the area. 
The Eiffel Tower – Just doesn’t seem to be as glitzy as it used to be. How ever there were enough lights to raise the temperature in the area – 65 there and only 60 once away from the Strip.
Just a bit of fantasy.
Stopped to have a bite at a restaurant that used to be 27/7 now closes at 9:00 and we were the only people in there.
This morning is work day – Bill has the Jeep, Willie, in for some service and I did some cleaning I’ve put off. Hopefully I managed to vacuum some of the dust up. Still need to do the blinds [hum? I wonder if our son has a couple of workers who’d like to come over here and do that? – he has a cleaning service.] Also doing a couple of loads of laundry.

No wind today – thank goodness so have all the windows open to air things out. Temps today should be in the high 60s. No plans for today but I do want to get some information about the Neon Museum

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  1. Neon Museum was my favourite place to visit last year along with the Mob Museum!!