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Monday, October 28, 2013

It only stays in Vegas if it doesn't get blown away.

Hello from Las Vegas
We left Cottonwood, AZ this morning at 8:00 and got to Vegas and parked at 1:30 – 308 miles park to park. For me it was an uneventful drive – for Bill it was exhausting. The road itself was good in places and really needed work in others. This stretch was half and half – one lane had been repaved and the other hadn’t. But we sure could see a long way.
The wind was blowing at 25 to 35 mph sustained with gusts up to 55mph. It was moving Alfie with no problem. The big trucks traveling west the same as us looked like they were crabbing down the highway. Wind of course was from the south southwest – hitting us right on the driver’s side.
From Kingman to Vegas we were going North and the wind was still hitting us on the driver’s side – go figure. Getting ready to cross the first new bridge – not the big one by the dam but another one.
Usually you don’t see a sign telling high profile vehicles to drive in the center lane.
Especially over the bridges. 
It’s a good thing it did. As we crossed the BIG bridge the wind actually pushed us over to the next lane. Glad no one was there.
Entering Nevada – so far we’ve [that’s the royal we being used there] driven 2100 miles in the Alfa. At least both Nevada and Arizona are on the same time.
This is just some of the dust blowing around the area. Dust and lots of tumbleweeds. We hit at least three today.
We are at the Thousand Trails park in Vegas and when we checked in we managed to get 14 days here so we won’t have to move to another park in a couple of days like we thought we would. And we got a 50amp site. And it was easy to get into. And it is spacious – Wow! How did that happen? Well the lady ranger is English and she and Bill got talking soccer...
Our MiFi is working great – 4G no less but the Direct TV keeps cutting in and out. The wind is blowing so hard and the Alfa is rocking so much we keep losing the signal. Tomorrow it is supposed to let up some but the day time temperatures are going to drop into the 60s. Can’t have everything I guess.

After parking we went out to dinner at a Blueberry Café – we’ve been going there for years. Boy have their prices gone up since last time we were there two years ago. Food was still good though.  No more plans for today. 

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