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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Technical Gremlins strike again

The drive yesterday really took its toll on Bill. He was in bed by 7:30. The wind continued to blow all night. The Alfa was really rocking and creaking most of the night. But this morning it seems to be calmer out.
Strange thing with the TV – don’t know whether it was the wind or what but it kept cutting off and on and a couple of the stations we always get wouldn’t come on – when I tried to get them the TV just told me “searching for satellite” but if I switched back to another channel it was fine. Will have to see how it works today. Not sure what we’re going to be doing this week as my girlfriend is not in town until next week, our friends from Indiana will not be coming till next week and our son from CA will not be coming until next week. Going to have a busy time then. Might have to get a Day Planner.
Also wouldn’t you know the weather is doing a big cool down. High temps in the 60s for
a few days.
Went out to breakfast at a restaurant we always used to go to when living here. Times they change. No one we used to know still works there. In fact, the manager who was a great guy – good manager working his way up in the company, smart, family man was gone – he ran off with one of the waitresses. Would never have thunk it of him.
Then we got Willie washed and cleaned inside and out. And went to Fry’s – a huge electronics store to look around a bit. Checking into a GPS made specifically for RVing. They didn’t have it but called Camping World for us and found out they do have it in stock.
Stopped and  visited with our youngest son and his wife for a while. Really nice visit.
Went by the Argentine market and Bill got a bunch of Argentine food he likes. Then home to watch a soccer game. Barcelona won 3 – 0.

After the game I was flipping through the channels and we are getting even less then we got yesterday…..What the heck. So made my first mistake and called Direct TV technical support…..By the time they got done with telling me to do this, do that, well try this again…..and so on until we had NO TV. Nothing at all and the screen was stuck on a “Looking for satellite” window and couldn’t get off it or close it. And their solution. “Well we can’t send a technician to you because you aren’t at your home. Call somebody there.” No SH!T. So called a couple people here in Vegas – one said I can’t get there until the 8th – THE EIGHTH! And you will have to bring it to me. Good Bye. Called second guy and left a message. Called the satellite people at Winguard (the makers of the dome)  – they were closed for the day. Called third guy and actually got ahold of him. He will call us tomorrow and will be here in the afternoon. Okay. Then the second guy called me back. Gave me some advice – “Reset the box.” And guess what at least now we are getting some channels. OMG now it is working perfectly! No static, all channels etc. Thank goodness. The technical gremlins are following us. 


  1. We'll be in Vegas Dec 15-28. Where will you be?

    1. By then we'll probably be almost to Mazatlan - leaving Vegas Nov 11th.