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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas is all around

Got a surprise in the middle of the night last night. RAIN – heavy rain and a couple of hours of it. The poor plants sure needed it. They get so dusty. This morning it is still overcast – maybe it won’t get so hot today. But I can feel the humidity already.
Mexico loves Christmas – even the palms along the highway get decorated.
Went into Guaymas yesterday to check on the bay doors – but the painter wasn’t there. We did see that he has been working on them though. Hope the humidity doesn’t slow the process down.
As I said decorations are going up everywhere and again this year in the Ley’s supermarkets they have their tree decorated with red and yellow lingerie - Just kind of puts a smile on your face.
And the bakeries – they outdo themselves. Some cupcakes
More cupcakes
And even more cupcakes with oreo cookie lips!
All the different donut flavors have different decorations.
And the cakes – too many to take pictures of  - this one has snowmen and a Yule log.
A round white cake with a snowman.
Nothing to do with Christmas but still in the bakery. These croissants remind me of chicken butts. Every time I see some I get the same impression. Just could not eat one.
Enough food – well maybe not – found a surprise here in Wal*Mart Jellied Cranberry sauce – made in Wisconsin. Every year we find more and more North American foods on the shelves.
Wal*Mart also sells more things here than they do in the U.S. Washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators. The washer is about US $370, the refrigerator US $345 and the stove/oven US $ 280.
And these motor scooters – the red one is on sale for about US $1290. Sam’s Club sells Quads and bigger motorcycles.
During the summer while at home I posted this picture of this little car with the sign in the back window that said, “You just got passed by a toaster on wheels.” Thought it was funny.
  Today we saw this driving down the road.
Best get cooking if I want to get it done before it gets hot. 

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  1. Oh my, you are right about those croissant rolls, too funny, same with the Christmas tree.