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Monday, December 10, 2012

We are in Aticama - Interesting day of driving

We are all settled in at El Chaco in Aticama. But it was quite a day – a long one.
We left the campground at 9:30 and stopped almost right away at the new gas station/convenience store just down the street. It wasn’t here when we left in March.
Left the gas station at 9:45 (arrived in Aticama 191 miles later at 2:30) Took a while didn’t it?
Drive down the 15 through Mazatlan wasn’t bad as we were after the going to work traffic. Then through Villa Union where we had a choice – Cuota – toll road or Libre – free road. And that is where we made our first mistake.
We took the Libre – it sounded like a good idea as the three toll booths on today’s route were expensive. Save a little money right?Beat the heck out of the shocks and vehicles instead. I don’t think this guy was too worried about his truck/camper house. Even taking the TV antenna with him. All prepared.
But back to our trip. About a mile into the free road we hit - literally - a double set of vibradores – and they are just what they sound like – vibrators – right down to our toenails we were vibrating. Picture 15 speed bumps in a row. One set at each end of every little town the free road goes through. THEN – the GPS, bless her heart – said go straight on this road. The road sign said Tepic ->. So because I have a habit of not trusting the GPS because sometimes she isn’t trustworthy we followed the sign -> turned right and ended up going right through the middle of the town of Rosario. Right through the middle!!! Bill calmly said, “If the bus can go through so can we.” Then the bus turned the opposite way that we had to go. Oh Crap! Three times we stopped to ask people the way to “Tepic Cuota.” Two times we got “kind of” directions – the third time was the charm. Straight and then turn right. BUT – that didn’t take us to the Cuota it took us back to the Libre – about five blocks south of where we originally turned off.
From there on the road wasn’t too bad and it was running right next to the Cuota! We could see the toll road but couldn’t get there. Soon we were coming up to another town, Escuinapa, a rather big town. Again we followed the road signs and again we went right through the middle of town. Tepic straight ahead! Ha!
I think by then Bill was wondering if he should get another navigator. And I’m sure Derek and Teresa who were following us were wondering where the heck we were taking them. Smelled good going through town though.
Finally the free road and the toll road merged. Thank you! Saw this guy peddling along the side – he had been gathering grass for feed? Wouldn’t take any animal long to eat that.
759 Pesos (US$60) later we got off the toll road on our turn off. (We did manage to miss one toll booth.) Heading west we passed through a lot of cane fields. Some had been harvested and the trucks were on the move. Along with the tractors. On a pretty narrow road.
After the fields are harvested they are burned – lots of smoke.
Passing through Villa Hidalgo we saw this. Only Mom has a helmet on.
Once we turned south at Guadalupe Victoria towards San Blas we were on the home stretch – Arrived at El Chaco a little after 2:30. John and Carol and Ms Tioga and George were waiting for us.
Took a while to settle in. Oh yes, the cell phone works this year here BUT the TelCel doesn’t want to. I have a green light and five bars and it connects but can’t get on line. Though a few minutes ago it did work, hope it lasts long enough to get this published.
We also have TV – John is good enough to let us tap into his Sky TV – whoopee!
Went out to dinner at Traditiones in San Blas and then walked around the plaza a while. The celebration for the Virgin of Guadalupe is under way. Many many children dressed in native costume. And I forgot my camera – hopefully some of John’s pictures turned out and I can borrow them.
Now to see if this will upload. Fingers crossed.

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  1. What a trip! My teeth are still rattling, and hands still clenched, and I was only reading about it, haha.