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Monday, March 3, 2014

Getting better day by day

Well let’s see where are we in our Winter of 13/14 saga. First thing I’m going to do when we get home is make a doctor’s appointment and when I see our Doctor I’m going to slap him for his brash “Get out of town.” suggestion. Well not really but the though has crossed my mind this year a few times.
I want to thank every one for your concerns, hugs and prayers. Believe me they are all appreciated. I have not yet told Bill that I’ve splashed his private area all across the Internet on the blog – he knows I’ve said something but not quite how much detail. But I have a reason for doing it. I know a lot of our readers are in our age bracket. We were talking yesterday and Bill can see that this problem has been building for a long time. All the signs were there for him to acknowledge – but he was in denial. MACHO MAN! Not happening to me! Did he tell his doctor on our famous visit – no. Did he have a complete physical when he should have? No. So here we are …
Yesterday morning – another beautiful day here – I again took Willie into the hospital and luckily found parking right in front. Today I’ll probably not be so lucky. Maybe I should take a bus – hum?
Bill is feeling much better – he is even eating and hungry now and not needing pain meds. He is just getting antsy lying in bed. Can’t find a comfortable position. The infection is still strong but getting better every day. They cannot operate until the infection is under control. The doctors were telling us Bill was very lucky that the infection hadn’t spread to his kidneys or blood stream; it certainly was bad enough to have done that. Thank you God.
Yesterday they moved him from the emergency room to a private room upstairs in the hospital. I need to say this is a very tiny hospital and his surgery won’t be done here. So up stairs he has a great view, a color TV with lots of English channels and a soccer all day channel. And a private bathroom with shower. He is the only person upstairs. The nurse, Juan, is great he is always popping in to see if Bill wants anything. Convincing him to order food and eat.
I left him early afternoon to watch soccer and did some more errands. Even put gas in Willie. As this is a new month the price of gasoline went up again. Now its 12.50pesos a liter. Comes out to about US$3.63 a gallon. The price increase is already causing everything else to rise in price – especially groceries.
While I was gone, of course, the surgeon visited Bill – and explained exactly what he would do. Bill will be moved to a regular hospital for the surgery and he should only have to spend 24 hours in regular hospital – not sure which one yet. Will I have to follow an ambulance through town?
I mentioned Carnaval is in full swing here but lucky for me it is clear on the other side of town so most of it doesn’t concern me. I was glad that last evening when I went back to visit Bill I took a pulmonia [open air taxi] as there were a lot of cars full of people in full party mode. And coming home was even worse. The restaurants and bars even on this side are happening.  It is over Wednesday.

Well it is getting late and he is probably wondering where I am. And the more I think about it – I probably won’t be able to find parking downtown so maybe I should take a bus. 
Sorry no pictures to lighten the mood but haven't had the camera with me. 


  1. So glad things are working out. Hugs to Bill from both of us.
    Take the bus and a pulmonia back!!

  2. So sorry to hear that Bill is not well but glad that he is on the mend. Thoughts and prayers are with you and am certain that everything will turn out ok. Keep your spirits up as lots of people are wishing you the best and would gladly drive you back and forth if they were there.

  3. Good luck to Bill but, sounds like you are getting great care.I know this is not funny, but you had me laughing about Dr. House. All I had was a flat tire in Mazatlan, could not fix it, so had to get a new, I know how you feel about not speaking Spanish, I have the same problems as you do.

    I waved as I drove by on the 15d.

    Good luck and get well Bill.