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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Colorful Mexican Ceramics

Took my camera with me yesterday to take some pictures. So at least this blog will be colorful.
Rode a 7 peso bus downtown yesterday. It is always interesting to see how the driver has decorated the bus. Lots of religious pictures in this one.
Took a Pulmonia home – first class Pulmonia it even had doors!
Spent the day with Bill again. The bacteria counts went up a little yesterday, not what we wanted to hear. But docs assured him that was not unusual after a good sized drop the day before. They are still thinking he might be able to come home tomorrow. That would be nice. I mentioned the nurses and doctors are always asking me if I’m taking care of myself – well yesterday they even checked my blood pressure. Strangely enough it was lower than it usually is – for old folks we are pretty healthy neither of us has high blood pressure – mine is usually 135 – 140 staying just under Oh Oh. Yesterday it was under 130. The lower number is always good. I guess having Bill out from under my feet lowers my blood pressure. He didn’t think that was funny either when I shared my thoughts with him. Grumpy old man. And to make matters worse they brought him Cranberry Juice to drink. He doesn’t like it a bit – makes a fuss every time they pour him another glass. The nurse and I think it is funny as we both like it.
Speaking of the nurse…I think I mentioned that Bill’s meals come from one of the restaurants in town. He orders off the menu, they call it in and then go pick it up. Of course it comes in Styrofoam containers. The nurse refuses to serve it in the containers; he always transfers it to plates. Last night Bill wasn’t too hungry after the juice so he just ordered a ham and cheese sandwich – even that was put on a plate. Wish I’d taken a picture of some of the nice meals but haven’t had the camera with me.
While Bill was taking a nap yesterday I walked across the street to some of the shops – I’ve been eyeing this rooster and wanted a closer look at it. I LOVE IT.
Then I saw this giraffe – I WANT IT – but not at 3500 pesos – about US$250. They both are hand painted. Love the colors.
I am debating taking the car today, but then I’ll have to come home before dark. If I take the car I’ll take the laptop so I can read about the race as it happens today. And after the Cup race will be the truck race that got rained out yesterday. The #18 has the pole for the Cup race. And E Jones the 17 year old driver is racing Kyle’s truck.
Speaking of cars – how about this? Maybe I can get my Mustang painted like this…
I did start another knitting project – a baby afghan – so far I’m enjoying knitting it.

Best post this and get a few things done around here. Another hot day here today 85 feels like 89! Ick – glad the hospital is air conditioned.  


  1. So glad to hear Bill is doing better and even the nurses are keeping an eye on you Carol. I continue to wish Bill a speedy recovery and hope he gets out tomorrow ONLY if he is well enough and won't end back in the hospital. What I wouldn't give for some warm temperatures here....it's snowing like crazy here and I feel like we're in a snow globe. The winter that just won't end! Be safe my dear...hugs to you both. Miss you both and miss Mazatlan! Alan & Debbie

  2. I hope Bill keeps improving. I was glad to read that one of your sons offered to fly down and help with the drive home. Maybe he could meet you in Tucson? Would you be able to sleep while he is driving, and vice versa? Could make it a short trip if Bill could do a little of the driving. I'm glad you are keeping us posted....where's a picture of you in the pulomonia?

  3. Glad he's a little better ,,,and you too :) Supposed to be nice in TN until the storms roll in Wed. they are talking tornadoes n all kinds of nastiness :/ Hugs to you both..

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