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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snow at home - 86 here - where would I rather be?

There is so much nothing going on it is hard to figure out what to write about. Also the last couple of nights it’s been late when I got home and didn’t feel like writing. Oh poor me!
So first off. Glad we aren’t home. It SNOWED there again Monday and Tuesday. Today and for the next couple of days there is RAIN and freezing temperatures. Here it was 86 yesterday but muggy. Today supposed to be 84 and muggy. Last night I took a Pulmonia home and the seat was wet with the humidity but the air was still warm at 9:30. All kinds of transportation for me here going back and forth. Drove Willie one morning when I went early enough to find parking. Taking busses still. Learned that it is not a good idea to take a bus between 3 and 3:30 as that is when the shifts change at the hotels. I got on a 7Peso bus, no AC, at about 3:15. The driver thought he was in a 1/4mile race. Every 30 to 40 feet a passenger waited so of course the bus stopped to pick them up. Then he tried to reach top speed before he had to stop in the next 40 feet for another passenger. First time I got car sick on the bus. Between the heat, the packed bus and the stops and starts – ugh!
Luckily I got a ride home from our friend Angelica who came to visit Bill.
Speaking of Bill – he is quite a bit better. His bacteria levels have finally fallen a lot – almost within normal range. His white blood count is all within normal range. He had a kidney scan yesterday and all is well. Also checked the prostrate area and that is healing fine. It’s just the damn infection. And he is feeling so much better – cheerful, not droopy and wants to be up and around. This time he is spending a lot of time out of bed walking around visiting with all the people who work at the clinic/hospital. They’ll probably be glad to see him leave.
And speaking of leaving – he WILL NOT check himself out this time. He will leave when the doctor tells him he can. They want to keep him for a couple of days more after the infection is completely gone. Just to make sure. So we’re probably looking at the weekend for the earliest release.
We’ve been talking about the infection and started wondering just when it started up. We’re now thinking it went on a long time before he got really sick as his energy level and has been down for quite a while. Also he kept thinking he had a cold or upset stomach off and on for a couple months. Bet it was just a low grade fever that he was able to fight for a while. Men are such MEN.
The RVs are leaving the park in bunches. Only about 20 left and three or four of them are leaving Friday. There is only one RV here in the back where the Alfa is – so this morning I asked them when they were leaving – glad to hear they’ll probably be here longer than us. Also the park handy man is staying back here in a fifth wheel. Makes me feel better.

Guess I’ve babbled enough with out anything really to say. I need to get on the road and head towards town. What will I ride in today?  Too late to drive – no parking. 


  1. Glad to hear Bill is doing much better. I can just see him going around the hospital chatting with everyone!!! LOL!!!
    It is freezing here in Myrtle Beach but the sun is shining. 86F or 46F what a choice, NOT!!

  2. Glad to hear hes doing lots better!! You need to be getting some rest yourself....wont be long he will be running you ragged lol!! HUGS!!