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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Mexico Adventure

Sitting here in the dark writing this. Well not actually in the dark but only because we have the generator running. Us and everyone else in the back two rows of the RV park.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Look who is out and about and with his hat even. Strolling through the empty back part of the RV park.

I was going to post some pictures of some of the different trees growing and fruiting and blooming here in the park but circumstances have changed my story.
This morning we headed out early to pick up the laundry because we knew another caravan was due in today and we wanted to make sure Willie was parked in his spot so no one else would park there.
Around 3:30 the RVs started to pull in. Another 25 of them. So we were entertained for an hour or so watching them park and get set up. And then POOF - no electricity. Guess that happens when 24 coaches all turn on their appliances, TV and AC at the same time. POOF. Only two rows in the park lost power and of course one of the rows is the one we're parked in. It is now 8 and there still is no power back here. Generators are running and tempers are rising.
We took off and went out to dinner hoping there would be power when we got back. The guard at the gate told us the electric company had been here - but guess they didn't do anything. So we'll see what tomorrow brings. If it stays off we'll move up towards the front of the park. TIM  This Is Mexico.
Well for some reason now I can't make the type larger. Gremlins all over tonight.

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  1. Glad to hear Bill is doing good. While in San Blas we found a Mini Super that sold vanilla. It came in a big bottle, but they put it in a smaller bottle and sold it for 18 pesos. Of course they spilled some down the side of the bottle, strong stuff, but it did make the house smell good.