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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hopefully today is the day

Before anything else I want to thank everyone for their good wishes, hugs (greatly appreciated) and prayers. They have really helped me get through the days. I've been passing your messages on to Bill and he finally thought about it and asked how everyone knew what was wrong. Did a little fudging about how much I've written. Not sure he will appreciate me spreading his private parts all over the web. Oh well. I'll tell him I did it as a public service message. 
Woke up real early yesterday morning and got up did some chores and drove to hospital before 8:00 Still no parking. Had to park about ½ block away.
front of the clinic where he has spent the week

the whole big four space parking lot
When I got there I discovered Bill had changed rooms. He is back in the emergency room because it was easier to administer all the pre-op tests there. It sounded like it was definitely a go for Thursday morning. [And plans change]
His main complaint now is that he feels exhausted, can’t keep his eyes open. I guess between being in bed so long, all the meds and fighting the infection it has taken its toll.
I stayed until he fell asleep on me again then left to go to grocery store. Went to the big Mega right downtown. Then went to WalMart out by us to see if I could find him some slippers. Only one pair available – hope he likes them.
Then home until later in the afternoon – or sooner if he called for me. Which he did. Did get some vacuuming done though – can only put it off so long.
One good thing about this – always look on the bright side – Between being too busy and upset to snack and walking back and forth to the taxi and bus stops I’m getting exercise so I’m starting to lose some of my weight. Also the weather remains beautiful. At home I’d have to be driving in ice and snow…..don’t think so.
Just checked my TelCel Internet gigabits – I’m almost out – so that will be something else I’ll probably need to take care of before he is back on his feet.
He called me around noon so I left the car here and caught a pulmonia – got tired of waiting for the bus. Ended up staying there until 8:00 when Angelica came by to visit and offered me a ride home. She will also come stay with me during the surgery.
Not sure when surgery will be now – there is a hitch with the operating room [scheduling] and the infection. So tonight he is getting more antibiotics and tomorrow morning he will find out when he will be transferred to the hospital for the surgery. He’ll be taken to the hospital in an ambulance and then we’re not sure if he will remain there or come back to the clinic. Guess we’ll find out. If not in the morning it will be in the afternoon. Just so it gets done and he will be on the road to recovery.
Finally got confirmation our insurance Blue Cross will cover the expenses. Thank goodness. Contrary to what we’ve heard before medical expenses are not cheap here.
So now I'm just waiting to hear from him.


  1. Hopefully this will be over soon and you will both be back in the Sadle prayers for both of you

  2. So glad the Insurance Company stepped up to the plate!
    One less worry!
    All looks good for an excellent surgery and recovery.
    Everyone rooting for you Bill!

  3. healing thoughts and prayers being sent from TN. Hugs to you both !! Get well soon!!

  4. Will be thinking of you and Bill tomorrow during surgery----praying for a really smooth surgery and recovery----(((hugs))) to you Carol------stay strong ! Be safe !