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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hopefully Friday is the day

Going to post this tonight because I have to be up and out of here early tomorrow morning.
Well T I M – this is Mexico – Surgery will be tomorrow, Friday, morning at 7:00.
Different hospital and different doctor. So are we running screaming down the street? No. Circumstances interfered with the plans. The doctor scheduled to do the surgery was called out of town on an emergency. The new doctor is the doctor we originally wanted. The doctor who performed almost the same surgery on our good friend’s father. They really like and trust him. He came in to see Bill this afternoon and explained the whole procedure to us – using his IPod and color graphics. OUCH! Then went over recovery etc.  He should be able to come home Saturday some time. Bill is so stiff and sore and weak from the infection and spending a week in bed…talk about a grumpy old man.
Our friend is picking me up tomorrow morning, and then we’ll go to the clinic and follow the ambulance to the hospital. And she’ll stay with me during the surgery. And her mother will stay with me when Angelica has to go to work. I know, I’m not having the surgery, but I want the comfort of a friend with me. My biggest fear was that there was going to be a language problem, I didn’t trust Bill to tell me everything the doctors were telling him – macho man you know. But all the doctors so far have been fluent in English. He has had the same two nurses – one for days and one for nights – since he’s been in the clinic. And they are treating him like a VIP – when I finally get him home he is going to be spoiled.
Poor Bill went from midnight last night with no food or drink until 3 this afternoon. That is when the new doctor came and surgery was set for tomorrow. Boy did he ever eat a lot for late lunch/early dinner. And he can eat one more time before 10 tonight.
Took the bus into town early this morning and was with him all day so I’m home now – it’s about 7:30. Got to sleep fast so I hopefully wake up in time for my ride tomorrow. Who takes an alarm clock in an RV on vacation?
Again thank you everyone for your kind thoughts – they have really brightened my days.
Hopefully next time I post – it will all be over and we can both recover. 


  1. Couldn't post earlier (stupid blogger) to wish you good luck!!

  2. good luck and healing wishes for bill and comforting thoughts for you... hugs !