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Monday, March 24, 2014

All our neighbors have left.

Another morning home alone. Getting tired of these. Right now 6:30 listening to 25 engines start and pull out. Why do diesel drivers think they need to run their engines for a half hour before they move on out. The exhaust is even beginning to seep in to here. About half of them are gone already. Guess they travel in two groups. Lots of the RVs in the front section of the park have left for home too. Soon there will be only a couple of us left here. I’m hoping that this time when he gets out of the hospital he will be feeling good so recovery time won’t be too long. The infection is going down daily and he is eating and sleeping well. And most important he isn’t just laying around in bed. He is getting up and walking around a lot.
I took the bus into and back from town yesterday. You never know quite what to expect – I think I mentioned there are air conditioned and non air conditioned buses running 10pesos for the ones with AC only 7 pesos for the ones without. But from the outside I can’t tell the difference. Yesterday morning I got on a 10peso bus. And the AC was working very well. Most of the bus drivers are kind of like race car drivers, speed up so they can hit the brakes for the next stop. Passing lots of cars, pulmonias, trucks etc. But yesterday morning I got the most laid back driver I’ve seen. He never got above 10 miles an hour, we didn’t pass anything, including bicycles. And before we got to my stop two busses that were way behind us had passed us.
Then on the way home I got into another 10peso bus. With another kind of cautious driver. About half way home he stopped and pulled over to the curb where a man was waiting. The guy got in. The driver stood up shook his hand and said “Buenos Tardes” and got off the bus! The new passenger sat down in the driver’s seat and away we went. Change of shift I guess.
Spent the day with Bill – I can tell he is feeling a lot better – more cheerful. We had hoped to watch the big soccer game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. [Before he ended up back in hospital we’d planned on going to the sports bar for lunch to watch it – what’s that they say about best laid plans] But it was advertised all over the TV in the hospital so we assumed it would be on. HA – nope – we had to settle for watching the score roll across the bottom of the screen every once in a while. Barcelona finally ended up wining 4 to 3 with Messi getting three goals.
The same with the NASCAR race in California – watching the leaders names scroll along the bottom of the TV. Saw the scroll giving top five drivers at lap 201 of a 200 lap race. My driver’s name wasn’t there. Nuts! What happened to him? Figured it was the end of the race. Then the next time it scrolled by it said “Kyle Busch won” WHAT!  Guess he had a really really good last restart and zipped to the front.
Before I left for the day I walked a couple of blocks to a farmacia to put more time on Bill’s phone. Just handed the clerk the phone with the number and gave her 200 pesos.
She asked me if it was TelCell and I said Si. Took about one minute and it was done. I'm learning so much.

We are thinking about going home a different way this year with the completion of the new road from here to Durango. Going that way into Texas will save us 400 miles. Friends of ours are going that way now and promised to send us details about the roads and places to stay overnight. There are no campgrounds going that direction. Might be interesting. That's it for now. Need to get ready to go if I'm going to drive. Thought I'd take Bill the laptop so he can read about yesterday's soccer game and I don't want to carry it on a bus. 


  1. glad hes continuing to improve !! Hugs to you both !! get you some rest!!