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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pffttt went the energy.

Shouldn’t have gone to bed so early – 3 am and I’m wide awake!
Played on Internet and read for a while then tried to go back to sleep. Guess I must have dozed off cause it is now 8:00.
All my energy seems to have gone pfttttt – feel like a wet noodle today. And to be real truthful I don’t even want to go to the clinic. Just tired of the whole mess. Shame on me.
But I’ll go; in fact I think I’ll drive. Poor Willie needs some exercise.  Also I think his phone has lost its charge so I need to take him the charger. He’ll be lost with the phone. He has to drink lots of fluids so I’ll take him something to drink besides water and don’t feel like carrying a bag on the bus.
Need to go to the grocery store too – I’m out of cookies! Important stuff.
More later when I get home. 


  1. So glad all went well. Now is the time to take care of yourself!

  2. I understand completely about not having any energy----and not wanting to go to the hospital to see Bill-----when you are dealing with your loved one being sick and in the hospital it is very stressful and that can really zap the energy right out of you. It helps if you can talk to someone about all that you are going thru ----just take care of yourself and get the rest and nutrition you need so that you don't get sick too ! Hopefully Bill will be back home with you real soon and things will get back to normal---praying for a swift recovery and good times ahead !!