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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vanilla Air Freshener = Ice Cream

Lately I’ve been craving cookies and ice cream. I’ll be sitting in my Lazy Boy reading and suddenly – hum I want ice cream. Well I finally figured it out. I put a new bottle of air freshener in the dispenser the other day. Sitting in my chair I keep getting whiffs of it – it is vanilla and sugar. Just the smell starts my mouth watering. We used to have a bourbon candle – I remember it made we want a drink. Seriously subliminally it really works. Maybe I should put in a “fresh air” one and it will make me want to go out and walk.
We had a small invasion of tiny black ants last night. Think they were coming in through the trash can door. So I sprayed that whole area with Windex and that’s the last we saw of them. Hope it keeps working. After seeing them I feel crawly things on me the rest of the day.
I mentioned the new mall yesterday. The completed anchor store, Liverpool, is a very, very high end store. Almost too expensive to even walk through! The second anchor store that should be completed and open this month is Sears. Something for everyone. I’ve only seen a couple of Sears here in Mexico and they were small stores. I hope it opens before we leave. I’m curious.
Bill cooked French Toast this morning for breakfast – tasted good – Kind of a comfort food.

On this lazy Sunday I picked up my knitting again. So I’m sitting in front of two open windows enjoying the breeze and listening to snippets of French and Spanish conversations float through the air. I have an eclectic mix of easy listening music on the stereo what more could a person ask for? And it got me to thinking about the last month or so. There is nothing like a health scare to remind you why you are with the person you’re with. I think in the last few weeks Bill and I have become closer- more aware – of each other than we’ve been for a while. We seem to want to keep each other in sight and within touching distance. Kind of nice feeling.  

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