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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bill was driving Willie today

Back again – our TelCel GBs ran out yesterday afternoon before I got a chance to post. Got them renewed this morning.
Some excitement here in the RV park the day the caravan pulled in and we missed it. Seems like one of the long term RVs already here and one of the RVers from the Caravan got into it. The RV already here parks their car in the space next to them – but their car was in shop getting worked on so they put a chair in the space. The caravan RV wanted to park there and got mad when told the space was taken. So he parked on the other side of the RV that was already here. And proceeded to turn his TV up LOUD. He was asked to please lower the volume. He turned it up. So of course there had to be retaliation. On came the generator and up went the music on long term RV. BANG BANG on side of long term RV. Everybody outside in each others face. New RV driver brings back arm and hand to throw punch – long term RV wife grabs his shirt and pulls and rips it. New RV driver punches long term wife in face!!  How to win friends and influence people. Police were called…Caravan RV driver will get a warning ticket that will go into computer. If he gets in trouble again he will go to jail.  Our own little Peyton Place.
And we missed it all.
Every day more of the RVs that have been here all winter are pulling out and heading home. Soon there will only be a few of us left here.
Each day Bill improves – yesterday he was out walking a round a little and he is eating good and drinking lots of water. Still needs to rest off and on.
Today he drove Willie to the Gran Plaza Mall where the TelCel office is. We had breakfast in a real nice restaurant there then I went to the TC place to renew the GBs. Another new experience for me. Got it done okay. Then he drove home. Now he is laying down reading.
That’s about it for today. 


  1. So glad you were able to get through all of this without any bumps. Maybe a lot RV'ers will now not worry if they get sick in Mexico. No Problem, se~nior! (Can't get the n under the tilde)

  2. Very good news he must be on the mend to drive. Phil was not aloud to drive for 6 weeks. Be glad when next Wed comes around and he gets the all clear

  3. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY !!! glad hes feeling up to it !! Hugs !!

  4. Glad Bill is doing better - hello to him for us!