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Friday, March 7, 2014

Surgery went well!

Been a long day. I didn’t sleep well last night because I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up in time in the morning. As it was I got up at 4:30 – plenty of time to waste. Our friend Angelica and her mama picked me up at 6:00 and we drove to the clinic. Bill was loaded into the ambulance at 6:15 – I got to ride with him. Angelica and Mama followed ambulance. We only went a couple of miles to another very small clinic/hospital called Santa Fe Clinica – but it has an operating room. By 7:15 he was in operating room. By 8:30 it was all done. All went very well. They did not remove the whole prostrate but shaved off the part of it that was blocking the tube. Actually they shaved off quite a bit of it. They offered to show it to me but I declined the offer. It will be sent to lab to check for cancer but doctor said that is just standard procedure as he didn’t see any problems. Angelica and her mama waited with me until surgery was over then Angelica had to go to work and her mama went home. By 9:00 Bill and I were back in the ambulance headed back to the clinic. After he was settled in and sleeping I headed home for a nap.
Went back to see him this afternoon and he is doing pretty good. He had an appetite for dinner so that was good. And by the time I left to come home he was complaining. Though I can’t blame him. He is so tired of lying in bed. He says he is stiff and sore in places he didn’t even know he had. Plus the IV and the other tube restrict his movements. And then the urologist told him he has to drink a bottle of water every hour. Good luck with that. I think he was glad to see me leave and quite nagging him to drink drink drink.
Hopefully by tomorrow they will let him out of bed to walk around a little. He may be able to come home Sunday if all continues well.
The clinic was busy today. There’s a man from Canada in there with pneumonia, another guy from the states that was in a taxi accident and needed his leg stitched up and a young German fellow who broke his knee cap. Not the way they wanted their vacations to go.
I just realized the sound I’ve been listening to through the open window is the crashing of waves from across the street – the ocean must be unsettled tonight. We usually can’t hear them.
Time to go to read and then go to sleep. It's 9:15 and I can barely keep my eyes open to post this. 


  1. Glad everything went well. Wish Bill a speedy recovery.

  2. Glad its over and went well! I know your relieved...now to just get him "home" and settled in. Maybe then you can both get some much needed rest. Healing wishes and Hugs from TN!

  3. Complaining and hungry, sounds like Bill is doing good. Get well..