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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yippee not the right word

Yippee might not be the right word for his homecoming.  About 9:00 last night I told him I was going to call the ambulance and send him back to the hospital. No he wasn’t worse just my last hair of patience had been used up. 
Yesterday was a really long day for both of us. I made the mistake of driving to the clinic thinking I’d take the car home around noon and go back on the bus for the evening. As they say “the best laid plans…” Around noon just as I was getting ready to leave the surgeon came by and said Bill could get up out of bed, sit up and then walk around some. Then if all was well he could probably go home! Well Bill was ecstatic – he was getting sprung. So up he popped out of bed. Sat for a little bit then started walking the halls. And walking the halls and walking the halls. This after spending 7 days in bed and one day after surgery. An hour or so later the surgeon returned and said he could go home but he had to wait for Dr Velazco to release him. So we waited and waited – and he wouldn’t lay back down. And we waited. It was getting on towards evening. I’m not comfortable driving the Jeep to begin with and I surely didn’t want to drive it at night again with Bill as a passenger. 
So Bill told Dr Cruz – the clinic doctor – and Juan the nurse if Doctor hadn’t come in by 5:00 he was leaving any way. To make a long story short – no doctor and we left.
Had to stop and pick up a couple of prescriptions – antibiotics and pain pills. Then on home – right into the setting sun. I’m surprised I didn’t break the steering wheel I was holding it so tight. But we made it. The Jeep has been raised so it is quite a step into and out of it. Definitely not easy when you’re not feeling good. And then the steep steps – 4 of them into the Alfa. But he made it.
Got settled in, fixed something to eat and just sat for a while. Well once he sat down the active day caught up with him. Barely was able to get him into bed. Then he was too agitated to go to sleep. That’s when my patience went bye bye. Glad he doesn’t remember it.
Restless night but this morning he is feeling okay. Up and eating and checking out what I’ve been writing about him. – I might have to make myself scarce for a while.
He has to drink 4 liters of water a day for a while – he who hates to drink water. That will be fun. And tomorrow late afternoon he has to go for check up with the surgeon in the Centro Historico. We will take a cab! Or beg a ride from a friend.
After owning the Alfa for 12 years I finally learned how to empty the gray and black tanks. Not as bad as I thought it would be. But of course the hoses were already connected – all I had to do was pull a handle and push some buttons.
Another beautiful day here – it is a little overcast and there is a nice breeze blowing so we’ve got all the windows open and not needing the AC. Even at home it is supposed to reach the 50s or 60s. But will that last? Maybe winter is finally over – hope so.  
going to fix his favorite for dinner artichoke chicken and angel hair pasta with herbs (out of a box.) And hopefully he has a better night tonight. 


  1. You are to be commended by all for your sense of humor and sense of truth...along with love/understanding for your driver. I would have freaked out about being in another country with a language problem but you seem to take it all in stride. Give yourself a pat and a hug. I am glad your driver is feeling better....bet he appreciates the TLC also. And just like so many fellas - they don't like to be down. Just remember you are his hero and his mate...so I will bet that he loves all you have done. Unlike me who just wants to be left alone and growls...

  2. Welcome home Bill, soon everything will be back to normal. You have an amazing wife! Kudos!

  3. Yay !!! Glad Bill is back at the RV with you !! Hang in there----men are not typically good patients so try to be patient-----if nothing else works , just go out for a walk ----exercise is supposed to relieve anxiety ! Lol.......Take care of you too!! A glass of wine---margarita? Phone a friend-----whatever it takes till he is feeling like his old self again. Take care.!

  4. You deserve a glass of wine, Carol!! Take care of yourself, please. Oh yeah, and give Grumpy a hug for us.
    We head to Cabo tomorrow and then back on LA on Friday.

  5. Glad Bill is getting back to himself :) get some rest and relax a little ...you both have been thru alot !! Hugs !!

  6. One good thing about getting older? Short term memory not so good!
    Think you are both going to get over the hump and all will sort itself out.
    Maybe just not as soon as you would like!