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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finally rode the bus

Another morning/day begins. Ash Wednesday and Carnaval is over.  It is surprising how empty the motorhome feels with Bill not here. Our neighbors here in the park are being great offering to take me places or do what ever they can for me. Even offering to empty the tanks. Maybe with someone standing there I’ll do it. Should know how anyway. After having Alfie for 12 years you’d think I’d know – just never wanted to. For the first time ever yesterday I opened the basement doors looking for some things. Surprised how easy they are to open and pull out considering how big they are. Maybe I’ll think more about learning to drive it too.
Yesterday I went to see Bill twice – in the morning and in the early evening. Both times I finally got up the nerve to take the bus. Both ways both times. It cost me 14 pesos round trip on the green bus and 20 pesos round trip on the white bus. No idea why the difference. There are approximately 13 pesos to the dollar. The pulmonias and taxis were costing me 200 pesos round trip. The bus drivers give change if you need it. Then they give you a ticket showing you paid. That is in case a transit inspector gets on – you have to show your ticket.
Most of the busses have women’s names lettered on the windows. Here comes my bus.
I have to make sure it says Cerritos on the window or might end up who know where.
Sometimes the lettering isn’t as big as this – so I have to let it get really close to see if it is the right one or not. There are no regular bus stops – you just step out in the street and raise you arm and they stop – and maybe 50 feet further someone else steps out to stop them. When you want off you walk to front or push a little buzzer and he stops right where you want. So the bus can go four blocks without stopping and then stop four times in the next block.
This morning I think I’m going to drive though as I need to go to the market. And if I leave early enough I’ll be able to find parking.
The view from Bill’s window – could be snow….
He continues to improve – at least he is getting grouchier. Staying in bed is getting uncomfortable. Will be glad when this is all over. The surgeon and Dr House came in yesterday – the surgery will be Thursday morning at 8:00. Still don’t know when he’ll be transferred to the hospital – I expect tonight or very early in the morning. Today he has to have all the pre-op work done. Including another ultrasound.  If all goes well he should be able to come home either late Friday or Saturday. But no driving for at least a week. That info didn't thrill him. 
Need to post this so I can get on my way. 


  1. The bus is such fun!!! Love how they are all personalized. I think price difference is whether the bus has air conditioning or not.
    Wait till you get the bus with the TV!!
    Love to Bill!

  2. Will have you and Bill both in my prayers----tomorrow for his surgery for sure. Hope everything goes well and he gets to go back home with you soon----don't let him rush it tho......no relapse or problems from rushing things. Stay safe and know that God is in control.

  3. Flooding you both with healing light...

  4. Thank you. Will keep everyone posted

  5. keeping you and Bill in prayers for healing and fast recovery.

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