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Friday, March 14, 2014

Another day another short outing

We watched a weird movie last night – George Clooney in The Men who Stare at Goats.  Or something like that. And then we were serenaded by our neighbor – he was playing his guitar and singing – very nice voice. He asked us if he was playing too loud and we told him no - that we were enjoying the music. 
A week ago this morning Bill had his surgery. He is anxious to get all his energy and strength back - driving him crazy to take naps. 
This morning we took a short trip to WalMart for groceries – Bill and Willie in parking lot. Of course he drove. You can tell he's not 100% yet - no hat!
This is the big new WalMart over here on our side of town. The supermarket side of the building.
Haven’t put many pictures in here lately so I took a few today. My poor camera must have thought I'd lost him. This is the apple display in WalMart. Just thought it was pretty.
And looking in through the door to the huge bakery. Unlike home they bake everything right here.
Picked up what we needed [and wanted like Ice Cream.] Even found Johnsonville Italian Sausages - so had to buy some. Then headed home. This is the big new Mall across the street from WalMart. It is really nice inside. With several restaurants outside.
And just some of the hotels and condos across the street from the RV park. The ocean is in front of the hotels. This whole area is pretty new and upscale.
Even more hotels are supposed to open within the next couple of years. And a Costco is supposed to go in by WalMart somewhere.

Spent part of the morning paying and checking out the bills that were automatically paid. Just realized the bill for February for propane was over $1100 – and part of the time the tank was empty because no propane was available. And that was keeping the house inside at only 45F. Sure hope it warms up in Indiana and stays warm. 
Going to have Italian sausage for dinner tonight and probably eggplant. 

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  1. OMG!!! Thats ridiculous on the propane!! Just imagine what it would have been had yall been home and had to keep it at 68 or higher !! Glad Bills feeling well enough to get out and about ..just dont over do it ! Hugs !!