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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Medical Adventure in Mazatlan

Feels so good to have had a good nights sleep! The first in a few days. And I might add I was being very selfish to obtain it.
Things have been on a slippery slide here since Monday afternoon when Bill first got sick. Ended up being more serious than first thought so he spent last night in the hospital. And unlike him who spent the night with me when I was in the hospital – I came home. But to back up. What the heck is today? Check computer. Oh it’s Saturday – all ready and a new Month too. By Thursday Bill was getting worse rather than better. So we went to a different doctor around 6:00pm  – one I had gone to down here about three years ago. Symptoms were classic flu like – severe aches and pains, fever going up and down, not hungry, head ache etc. But flu isn’t going around here too much Dengue Fever is epidemic here! DENGUE FEVER???? OMG!!! Quickly explained NOT THAT Dengue fever – but a milder flu like form. Except it is a virus so antibiotics won’t help – just have to ride it out. Lovely. But he would need a blood test to confirm it – come back at 9am for that. Meanwhile just take Tylenol for discomfort. Home we went. Then new symptoms started. He could not urinate. And then the pain started. Both of us up all night. Finally 6 a.m. we went to doctor’s clinic and he was there. Sounds like urinary tract infection. More pills. Blood drawn for Dengue check and urine taken for tests. Go home take pills, they should act quickly,  drink lots of water, come back at 2 for results. Got home things got WORSE. So back to doctor at 1 – The clinic is also a small hospital. Tests were back – no urinary track infection and thank goodness no Dengue fever – so now what. Fever going up and down, pain intense, can’t go. Set up IVs – antibiotics and pain relief. And of course catheter to relieve pressure. Something definitely wrong here. Maybe a stone floating around somewhere. Next step ultrasound. No stones in kidneys or bladder. Kidney function fine. Oh Oh problem found. The prostrate gland has swollen up like an orange. Shutting off the urethra. Urologist brought in. Diagnosis – somehow an infection developed in the prostrate. Probably the cause of Monday’s fever and chills. No other symptoms at that time. And it continued to develop until the symptoms started on Wednesday in earnest. So the infection has a head start. Bill had to remain in hospital for at least 24 hours….maybe more. He is on heavy antibiotics, pain killer and fluids.
So about 4pm I left him there as he was trying to sleep and I DROVE in Mazatlan. Had not been able to park the car near the hospital so didn’t want to leave it where it was also I needed to eat and take a nap. So I picked up Willie and slowly and carefully maneuvered the busy streets of town. After the first couple of blocks I kind of enjoyed it. Got home safe and sound. About 6:30 I took a taxi back to the hospital thinking I might stay over night.
When I got there he was feeling a little better – not much and I think it was due to drugs. If the antibiotics and anti inflammation drugs work he will be fine. NO signs of cancer in prostrate. If they don’t work – surgery might have to be done. Good Lord. So day by day for that. When I got back there we were told our Blue Cross US Insurance maybe could be used – did we have our card? UH – well yes but it is in the RV. We take all of our US stuff out of our wallets when we get here. Well they need it. And by now Bill was hungry for the first time in three days. Can he eat? Sure, and the nurse hands me a menu from Panama – a really good restaurant – and tells him to order whatever he wants it is included in the hospital services. Guess what he wanted - cheeseburger and fries. Good healthy food. They would order and send the paramedic after it.
Spent some time filling out paperwork then was asked for the card again. Also by then we decided there was no reason for me to spend night with him, I should go home and get a good nights sleep and return in the a.m. But they needed the card right away to call the insurance and get okay. So the paramedic very nicely brought me home waited while I found the card and took it back to the hospital for us.
I took a sleeping pill and went to bed. I know shame on me. A week or so ago he spent the night sitting up staring at me while I was miserable. So that is where we are right now. Soon I’ll get in Willie and take my second drive in Mazatlan and hopefully be able to find parking within walking distance of the hospital and see how he is doing. I’ll be surprised if he gets home today – ‘cause they want him to be fever free, pain free and able to do things on his own. And I don’t think he would want to ride with me driving – that old car sickness thing. I’m a pretty passive driver – I get in one lane and stay there – people can go around me if they want to. He’s a typical alfa male driver – has to be at the head of the pack.
The care has been excellent – again. Very efficient. Hospital clean and well staffed and friendly. Doctors speak good English to me – converse with Bill in Spanish then translate for me. Very careful to explain things so we understand what is going on. Answer all questions. Is this because we were in Mexico – probably not – just one of those things that happen sometimes. All other tests run while I was gone turned out fine – the old farts in good health.
Anyway that’s why I’ve been missing. Right now eating my breakfast and preparing for my drive downtown.
Again it is going to be a hot day – mid eighties while at home another cold snap with snow and ice is arriving. What a winter.
Have to do some end of the month bookkeeping and should back up the laptop today. But for now heading down there. 


  1. Well thank goodness so far, all is good!!!

  2. Good grief, what a week for you two! Nice to read that good health care is available in Mexico. Take it nice and easy for a while...

  3. So sorry for you both, hope things get better real soon Take care Wendy & Phil

  4. get well wishes being sent !! glad that you found a compassionate dr. we dont have many of those here anymore :/

    1. Except for "Dr House" they all have been great as is the nursing care.