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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Breakfast at Torres

Bill seemed to have a better night last night – not up and down quite so many times.
This morning he got up, shaved and dressed and then stood looking at me. “What?” I asked. “You don’t have your shoes on,” was his answer. Duh. "Why should I?" Then he asked, “Are you going to go out to breakfast with me?” Well he didn’t have to ask twice. Got my shoes on in a hurry. We – he – drove us across the street to the lovely restaurant on the beach at the Torres hotel. Beautiful morning, sunny with a slight ocean breeze. Looking out the window right next to our table.
Good breakfast too – I had eggs over medium, bacon, home fries and wheat toast. Bill had an omelet, home fries and wheat toast. No pictures.
Looking out another window at a vendor sitting in the sand braiding a bracelet for sale.
This hotel has some of the most beautiful landscaping I’ve ever seen. There are all kinds of beautiful different flowering plants.

And many, many tropical plants. Never a blade of grass out of place. In case anyone wonders it is a Vacations International time share hotel.

Just thought to check the NASCAR Nationwide race at Bristol. My favorite driver Kyle won. That’s three wins in a row at Bristol. 16 total wins at Bristol in all series.  Just hope he does as good tomorrow in the Cup race. So far he’s not having a good year in the Cup cars.
The caravan is still here – I think they leave tomorrow or Monday. Not sure where they’ve been or where they are going. Tried looking up the caravan’s web site but it is all in French so didn’t learn much. When they leave we'll be the only RV back here again, except for the ones in storage. 

The lemons on the little lemon tree right next to us are finally starting to turn yellow. Before we leave they should be ready to be picked and juiced. 
Nothing else going on - there might be a nice sunset tonight - if so maybe we'll go across the street to admire it. 

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