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Monday, March 10, 2014

Road to Recovery

Yesterday didn’t go too bad. He was up and about off and on all day – taking naps in between. He was on the computer a little bit and watched some TV.  But really tired again by 9:00pm. Just no energy. But both of us got a lot more sleep last night.
The sun just popped up over some dark gray clouds. Looks like it might be another overcast day – I hope so – so much cooler when it is. Well maybe not – I just looked out front towards the ocean and the sky is bright blue with nary a cloud in sight.
I see that at home in Indiana it will be in the mid 60s again today and then by Wednesday it will be back down to 35 with snow. Will winter never end?
It stayed nice most of the day – kept the windows open and didn’t need the AC.
We are now home from Bill’s follow up visit to the surgeon. All is well. He is supposed to drink mucho mucho water – no caffeine of any sort for a week or so. And get a good amount of rest. It seems like he is not having any of the minor problems sometimes associated with this type of surgery – but I imagine we’ll have to wait a few days to be sure.
He was so happy when he left the docs office we went out to dinner – his meal of choice - hamburger and fries at Burger King. Worked for me.
Our dear friend Angelica came over and picked us up and took us to the doctors office, she came in with us and translated everything the doctor said to Bill for me. Then she went to BK with us. Don’t know how we’ll ever repay her for her kindness, care and driving around. I want to thank her Mama too – there is nothing like getting a hug from Mama when you are waiting to hear how things have gone in surgery.
So on the road to recovery fully now. 


  1. Glad to hear things are going well and Bill is feeling better. Make sure you take care of you too.

  2. Glad things are getting better------don't let him rush things, sounds like you both need to rest up and get ready for the trip home.

  3. Glad he's feeling better and ya'll are getting rest. I agree theres nothing like getting a hug from mama to quell the fears. Hugs to you both!

  4. My goodness, what a time you two have had. Glad to hear things are looking up now. Good luck and take care.