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Sunday, March 23, 2014

At least a week.

Sunrise this morning was beautiful – yep I was up early again. But did get a good nights sleep. Even turned the fireplace on for a few minutes just to take the nip out of the air. By this afternoon the AC will be running full blast.

Took my knitting yesterday when I was visiting Bill – got a lot done but lots more to do.
So – Bill…When he checked himself out of the clinic after the surgery he still had a little infection running around in him. I knew it – he claims he didn’t know…He left with a prescription of antibiotics. He followed directions and took them all. Not long after he took the last one – like half a day – he started running a low fever again. But didn’t mention it. Just said he felt tired. The next day we went out to breakfast (he took Tylenol before we left home – I didn’t know that] Came home and he rested a bit then we took a long walk around the RV park. When we got back to RV he mentioned being pretty tired. A while later he says “I think I have a fever.” WHAT!?! So the rest I explained yesterday. Got the antibiotics in the morning started taking them got to feeling bad enough to go to clinic. Where – Ta Da! - he will stay for a while. Diagnosis is infection is in urinary track again. And it is pretty bad again. Prognosis - he will be back on intravenous antibiotics for probably 4 or 5 days! When the infection is completely cleared up they will keep him an additional 2 days to make sure it doesn’t come back.  So we’re looking at least a week.
By last evening the infection was already starting to clear up some. They are running tests two to three times a day. Blood work indicates infection has not spread to other areas.  
While I was there last night the doctor he was supposed to see before he left the clinic the first time – when he checked himself out – came by and very nicely explained why he should not have checked himself out.
I drove to the clinic in the morning to visit a while then came home via grocery store. Took a nap and then returned for the evening taking a cab down and a pulmonia home.

Every day more RVs pull out and head north. Tomorrow the 25 rig  caravan back here with me will leave. So there will only be two of us all the way here in the back. 
So basically for the next week I'll just be running back and forth to the clinic and be trying to keep him amused. He is supposed to be up a lot and walking in the clinic - we'll see. Today he'll be watching El Clasico the soccer game between Real Madrid and Barcelona.  


  1. Wow, what a drag, poor Bill and you. Wishing you strength and patience.

  2. *SIGH* tell him I wish we were there to give him a kick in the butt!

  3. I hate to hear that he has to stay in the hospital again! But i am sooo glad you are near care and Drs that have bedside manners...something you dont get here! Hugs and patience for you both!!