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Monday, March 31, 2014

Flames in the Bus

Ended up not driving yesterday morning – took a bus. Bill had been awake most of the night because there were a couple of emergencies during the night with the accompanying noise of the drunk buddies. So didn’t stay long as he kept closing his eyes and ignoring me.
When I left I learned another lesson on bus riding. NEVER get in a bus with FLAMES painted on the ceiling!
Another ride to be remembered! Zoom Zoom. Also painted on the ceiling was the face. 
And along the walls women’s names – several women’s names.
A true alfa male. And to prove it he wouldn’t let anyone pass him. Finally another bus tried and the inevitable happened – CONTACT! So both busses slammed on their brakes and the other driver who stopped in front of us flew out of his bus and headed towards us. The door on our bus was already open as it was a 7 peso bus – no AC. The wronged driver came through the door, up the couple of stairs yelling and waving his arms. Our driver, surprisingly enough stayed in his seat, but he too was yelling and waving his arms – think I saw a few impolite gestures there from both side. Didn’t have to understand Spanish to get an idea of what was being said. After a final WORD! and waving of arm and finger the other driver got off and headed back to his bus. You can just make out the other bus stopped in front of us.
During all of this – both busses were stopped right in the middle of the street – no way to pass them. So more and more horns were blowing and yells coming from behind us. The Mexicans on the bus were relaxed and laughing. Us tourists were ready to run.
Our driver then reached out his window and fixed his mirror which had been hit and we continued on our way. The way the mirror was shaking I doubt it finished the day on its pole.
I went back to visit Bill later in the day. Got a 10peso bus and very sedate ride.
Bill’s bacteria count dropped again by half. So things were looking good about coming home soon. Then the situation took a dive. He kept complaining he was cold. It was not cold in there. Then he started to shiver – oh, oh, we’ve already been there once. Got nurse and sure enough he had a fever and was feeling miserable. I felt my heart drop into my stomach. One of those times when you just automatically pray. Doctors were consulted. Medication was given. He started feeling better. Even got hungry. No one but me seemed too concerned. Got assurances from doctors – that it was not a set back – could be fatigue and/or anxiety or just one of those things.
Anyway it was getting pretty late and the streets were deserted, shops so I left to come home. This time I got a Pulmonia that certainty was not in a hurry. Had a  v e r y  s l o w  ride home. And it was quite cool out. Wanted to turn the heat on when I got inside. But didn’t, I warm up quick.
Also got news from home yesterday – there is a minor leak from the roof – and again it is in my bathroom. At least this time it is over the tub. It will have to wait until we get home. And of course the next weeks there is rain, rain and more rain expected. Hopefully if it is not windy it won’t leak.
But other than that it was a great day yesterday.
My favorite NASCAR driver who had the pole, didn’t win the race yesterday but his brother did. I guess the #18 M&M car was a piece of crap for the race. He said he felt like he was driving on marbles – at 100 miles an hour.
And that’s about it – I do intend to drive in this morning and want to get there early in case the doctor comes in. Then will have to go to market on way home.

Until next time….  ;-)


  1. How come we never had any exciting bus rides like this???

  2. Sounds like you had your own short track race... Bill, get well..

  3. Dont think I wanna be riding the bus there !! I hope Bill keeps getting better...that fever didnt sound good to me either but then again if he didnt get enough sleep the night before it could have had something to do with it..my mom used to say she could always tell when i didnt get my rest because i would get ill and start running a fever and be whiney lol!! Hugs to you both!!
    P.S. did you know Tioga George had an accident? hes ok something about his heart

    1. Yes I knew about George. He had a heart attack while driving in California near Bakersfield. He passed out and Ms Tioga veered into a field. He has had open heart surgery. Ms. Tioga was destroyed. He will be in Bakersfield recovering for a while.