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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gotta roll with the Flow

 Still no power when we got up this morning. Went to heat my coffee on the stove in a pan and forgot I’d need matches to light the flame. It has an electric lighter. Then I forgot it was in the pan until I smelled burned coffee – ick.
I mentioned taking pictures of some of the plant life here in the campground. So thought I’d include this one tree today. I would have sworn the darn tree was dead. It has been just bare branches since we got here until last week.
Then it developed these little, about the size of my thumb, green balls on it.
Then when taking the picture of the green balls I saw the tiny flowers too. No idea what it is.
A couple of views from the restaurant last night. Right on the beach, good food and music.

When we got home from dinner still no power so turned the generator on for a while [us and everyone else in the back two rows – lots of noise and stink out there] to run everything for a while. It was a little after nine by the time we turned it off.  The Alfa can run on just it’s batteries for a while but last night we decided not to use the 12 volt lights so I decided I’d go to bed and read my lighted Nook. Got sleepy and put my head down and promptly fell asleep at 9:30! At one o’clock I was wide awake. Crap. So I got up and came out in the living room to read. Well that woke Bill up – so there we were both up in the middle of the night. It is amazing how dark and quiet it is in here when not much is running. I stayed up and he went back to bed but kept waking up asking when I was going back to bed. By four o’clock I finally got sleepy again and went back to bed and asleep. Got up at 8:00 and stayed up.
No sign of electrician or power company until about noon. The main breaker for the back of the campground had to be replaced but it was hard to get at. We got tired of waiting so unpluged the RV from our breaker and left. We went to the Centro Historico parked in our favorite lot and arranged for Willie to be washed while we went to eat lunch. He looked so happy when we picked him up! Had lunch at very busy Beach Burger. Found out there were a couple cruise ships in today too. Glad to hear that. Last week there were two of them in. Some businesses are starting to reopen between the ships coming back and the tourists coming to Mazatlan from Durango now that the new toll road is open.
On the way back from the Centro Historico driving down the Malecón I had to take this picture. It is the Miramar condos where “El Chapo” Guzman – the drug lord was captured a couple of weeks ago. Every time we go by it someone is taking a picture of it – so of course I had to too.
Stopped at grocery store on our way home then wondered – will we or won’t we have electricity? Yippee! We did. Last week we were without water for a couple of hours and this week electricity. One thing we’ve learned about being in Mexico – you can’t let little things upset you. Eventually things work out.
And I’m diligently working on my knitting – I think I said it is a shawl and it is about half done now. Which is a lot more than was done a few days ago.
Bill mentioned that maybe we’ll be able to get on the road next week- I kind of doubt it. I’d rather wait here a little longer then wear him out driving. Last year we left Mazatlan on March 18th and got to Arizona on the 23rd. 


  1. I'm like you I think I would rather wait a little bit on leaving just yet....give it a little more healing time...at least there you know that you can get help if there's a problem and its from competent doctors that know your case. Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather :) Hugs !!

  2. Yes, stay a bit longer. We are in Tucson and leave tomorrow for a long day of driving to Fort Stockton.

  3. Will you be attending the Alfa Rally in Casa Grande, Az this year? We are expecting over 120 rigs.

    Dale SeYa S/N 1084