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Monday, March 17, 2014

Caravan left bright and early

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to All – I’m even wearing green today. That is by accident through as I forgot it was the 17th until I opened the laptop and went on line. My green t-shirt is an alien from Roswell, NM. It’s green that is what counts.
6:30 a.m. and 25 RVs are starting up and hooking up and moving out. Why do they think they have to honk their horns as they leave? We don’t care and the other people are leaving with them. Won’t mind them being gone! But there is another caravan coming in in a week or so.
Yesterday I picked up my knitting – haven’t worked on it for quite a while. I should have taken it with me when I was spending so much time in the hospital visiting Bill. It would be done by now. After working on it for a while my fingers started to ache – guess I need to get used to doing it again. This project is taking me a long time because I’m not enjoying doing it. It is straight knitting using two sizes of needles and the larger size needle is awkward and uncomfortable to hold. But I’ve set my mind to finish it – of course it is a shawl so there is still a lot to finish – just so I can start on something more fun to do.
I’ve also decided next time we go to the store I’m getting some more vanilla air fresheners – I really like the smell of them.
After spraying the Windex the ants didn’t come back. Ugh! I hate the little crawly things.
Just found out there is another caravan coming in tomorrow. So enjoying our quiet today.
One quick trip today to drop off the laundry and go to WalMart again. Bill has gone walking a couple of times around the park today. Every day there is improvement. 
Do you remember these? It's a wonder any of our kids grew up.
Especially if you had the split seat in front. If you had to step on the brakes fast - seat back, car seat and kid all came forward. I got used to throwing my right arm out every time I had to stop. 


  1. so glad he's improving everyday !! hugs !!

  2. Easy does it Bill! Everyday gets better. Enjoy your days there in the sun.