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Friday, March 28, 2014

Still getting better just not fast enough

Another day in Paradise – a very hot paradise but at least the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Ended up taking a Pulmonia to see Bill yesterday instead of driving and it’s a good thing I did as I didn’t leave there until 8:00!
The doctors don’t like that the infection has leveled out and is not getting any better. So they were wondering if there was an abscess or pocket of infection somewhere that was hiding. So off we went for another ambulance ride – this time in the front seat with the driver – not in the back on a gurney. We went to a big modern diagnostic lab where he had to drink lots of water with a dye tablet. Then go through one of those big donut scanners.
Then back to the hospital. I was teasing him earlier that he should walk around outside some – he didn’t think that was a good idea with him carrying his IV bag and in his jammies. Well that’s what he ended up doing anyway. Did him good to get some fresh air. That test wasn’t till 4:30 so then I stayed around to hear the results. And the results – very good, no nasty little things showed up. Just some inflammation of the bladder. Which was to be expected with the infection. So…different antibiotics and MAYBE he’ll be able to come home Monday.
The medical Director of the hospital came in yesterday and gave Bill a good talking to about checking himself out last time. Told Bill it would not happen again! Just because one doctor says he can go home doesn’t mean he can. The Director is in charge and he will make that decision. He said he balled out the surgeon for telling Bill last time he could go home.
But Bill seems so much better now – doesn’t get tired every twenty steps or couple of hours. Eating good – joking with everyone – translating for other gringos who find themselves in there for some reason. One guy got stung by a sting ray – guess it was very painful.
Just checked back and he has been in the hospital for 16 of the last 30 days – seems like more than that.
Took an interesting Pulmonia ride home last night. The Pulmonia was parked right outside the hospital door – the driver was catching a nap. I knocked on his fender and about scared him to death. Eyes popped open and he straightened up in his seat – like “I wasn’t sleepin” So I got in and I have never had so fast a Pulmonia ride in my life. It took us about seven minutes to cover the six miles – through town, over the bridges and around the marina to the RV park. That is exciting when there aren’t any doors or seat belts in a Pulmonia and the seats are slick leather. I was hanging on to anything I could find. Kind of fun though. Doesn’t take much to amuse me any more.
Today I will probably finish my knitting project – the shawl. I’ve been taking it with me every day and working on it. 


  1. Many years ago I had an infection in my arm, and it almost doubled in size. The doctor gave me a shot in the hip, penicillin I think, and sent me home. Three days later it was getting bigger, so he put me in the hospital and they gave me 3 different IV's, one every 4 hours, and one every 6 hours. They didn't know what they were fighting, and didn't want to wait to find out. I even had my arm in a hot water heating pad, with a pump under the bed to circulate the hot water. In four days it subsided and they released me. Bill,hang in there and get well.

  2. Looks like things are getting better, easy does it!

  3. im with you on the fresh air thing...does a body good. Glad hes improving ! hugs to you both!