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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deja Vu all over again!

Figured I’d better write something today and get it posted this morning before everyone thinks we’ve been kidnapped or something.
Been some changes around here since I last wrote.
Thursday morning we went across the street to the Torres for breakfast with a couple we met while Bill was in the clinic/hospital. They are here on vacation from Canada and he ended up in the hospital with Bill. He had pneumonia. But is feeling good now.
And Thursday afternoon we took a long walk around the campground visiting with everyone who is still here. Bill was letting everyone know how good he was finally feeling. He had even finished taking all his antibiotics in the morning.
By 6:00 that night things had changed. He was running a fever again and feeling crappy. So we called the surgeon and arraigned to have our friend Angelica meet him in the morning and pick up some prescriptions and instructions. It was a long night for both of us. He was up and down especially when his fever broke and he had to change all his clothes. By morning when Angelica came by to give us the perscriptions and instructions accompanied by her lovely Mama and Dad Bill was feeling a little better. But a couple of hours later not so good again. So around 4:00 yesterday we drove back to the clinic/hospital and that is where he is now. Back on intravenous antibiotics.  Lots of blood and urine samples collected to be checked out today. Because we drove there I left him there quite early – I do not want to drive after dark – the last thing we need is me racking up the car!  He is the only patient there so he is getting royal treatment. Everyone fussing over him.  Anyway I came home and could barely keep awake until 9:00. Had a very good nights sleep, with chemical help, and feel ready to face the world again.
Need to do a couple of things around here then I’ll drive downtown to see him. And hopefully know more about what the heck is going on. Think I’ll take my knitting this time to pass the time – and get that thing finished. I’ve had about enough of this crap for this year - tired of rolling with the flow.
Hum just looked outside it is very foggy out – can’t even see the front of the RV park. So guess I’ll wait until that burns off. Will probably make a couple of trips there today. One this morning with the car so I can go to the market on the way home. Then later in the day on the Bus so I can stay after dark.

So that is what is going on.  More later…..


  1. So sorry to hear about Bill's set-back. Hope he is back on his feet again. Take care of yourself too.

  2. Crap!!! We were driving so hadn't seen this until Alan msged us from airport in Vegas!!!

  3. Darn! Tell Bill to smarten up :) - Sheesh! Hope all is well and Bill is back strutten around the park again. Thinking about you two!

  4. Dang!! cant seem to catch a break !! glad you were still near medical care and not on the road somewhere where his case isnt known... Get better soon !!! Hugs !!

  5. I. can fully understand what you are going thru Phil had setbacks too no fun but now he is on the mend. Hope he.gets up and feeling better real soon. You take care of yourself as well All the best Wendy & Phill