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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A day in San Carlos

So here we are in San Carlos. About 300 miles into Mexico.
Woke up to a cool morning, but didn’t take long for the chill to leave. We went out for breakfast at Gustavos [used to be Toros.] I took this picture last night.We asked about the name change and were told both the restaurant and the Best Western hotel it is attached to were sold. So both had to have new names.  
They have the best fruit and yogurt appetizer that comes with breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes. Bill had French toast and bacon. The coffee, fresh orange juice and yogurt come with the meal. Cost US 10.00. And the view priceless.
The only problem with eating outside are the flies. But I guess you can’t have everything. 
Also the RV park that used to be behind the hotel is gone.
After we ate we decided we’d go into Guaymas to try to find a new Wireless Adapter for Bill's PC so he can use the wireless TelCel mifi Internet. We were afraid we’d have a problem finding one. But … first. On the way up the road Willie, the Jeep, started to have spurts of vibrations. And his back tires had been squealing every time we made a turn. Hum…not good. So we turned around and came back to the campground. Stopped at the office and asked about a mechanic. Bill got back in the car and told me, “Jesus will be here soon.” And he was. They went for a drive. About 45 minutes later Bill was back. The Jeep was fixed. One of the sensors was malfunctioning and wouldn’t let the car be taken out of 4 wheel drive [has to be in 4 wheel drive to tow.] He reset it with the computer and all is well. Cost? 500 Pesos  US$29.50.
So we did get to go to Guaymas.  The road has finally finished being resurfaced. Nice to drive on with no construction.
First stop Wal*Mart. Where else? The Electronic section was right inside the front door. Bill asked the young man at the counter, in English, – young man pointed to two different brands. Right under his arm in the case. Wow! AND it was cheaper than in the US. And the brand we wanted.
Walked around the store checking out the bakery department. Christmas doughnuts - didn't buy any. 
Then ended up in produce – I found Kumatos. 
A lot of people I know have bought them and loved them. I never could find them. So now we have some – cost $2.34. Can’t wait to try one.
While we were in the store shopping a young man was washing the Jeep [US$3.00], he hadn’t quite finished when we came out so we went into Sam’s Club to waste time. Got a bunch of red and yellow peppers and a big box of Christmas cookies for some friends. About six peppers for US$2.30. I think they were 1.60 each at home. 
Back in the RV now. Waiting for the sunset. I need to go across the street and get in some more walking. The last couple of days I haven’t been doing too good. So far today I’m up to 6,333 steps. Need to do better. While Bill was at the mechanics I walked around the campground. Love the way they trim the trees.

Also found lots of flowers blooming.

This is the entrance with the big cactus. 

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