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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mazatlan and RIBS

Hello from Mazatlan. Yep we are here. At Las Jaibas in the back where we like to be.
This is the only picture I took during the ride today. The window was so dirty the camera didn’t want to focus.
We left the truck stop at 7:45 and got to Las Jaibas at 12:00. 246 miles. Most of the road was pretty good. It had better be at the price of the tolls. 1105 pesos – US$65.00.
After setting up we took a ride to the Centro Historico. Went to our favorite parking lot where we were greeted like long lost family. While we walked up to the central market Willie got a much needed bath. He looks so bright and shiny now.
Said “Hi” to everyone in the central market. All asked where we’d been, they were wondering if something had happened to us. Then we walked over to the Plazuela Machado. Not much in the way of Christmas decoration – some lights and a couple of big presents. At the other end they were putting lights on a Christmas tree so guess they are still working on it.
We did see this very interesting man. No idea. Maybe he was there for the boat tourists. Three or four cruise ships in today. Every place was busy.

Picked the car up and stopped at Soriana grocery store to pick up bread. And wouldn't you know this year they have the red and yellow underware decorated tree. What is with that?
And before we went home we stopped at Fat Fish. Earlier when we were headed toward Centro the cook and waiter saw us going by and yelled at us to stop. So we turned around and talked to them for a while. They too were wondering what had happened to us. This is the latest we’ve gotten to Mazatlan in quite a few years. But anyway on the way home we stopped to eat. The price has gone up this year it is now 199 pesos for two dinners – salad, baked potato, coleslaw, garlic bread and ribs. Doesn’t included the drinks. Here is a picture of Bill’s meal. That is just his ribs. I had my own plate. 
They had to give him two plates!!!! We have enough leftovers for two more meals. 
Hum...having problems with the power at this site. AC blows the breaker right away. And now the microwave did too and it was the only thing extra running. 
Tomorrow is another day. Going to post this and relax for rest of evening. Read a good book and go to bed early. 

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