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Sunday, December 6, 2015

A very nice day Saturday and Sunday

Our trip so far - only 510 miles to get to the border instead of 1700. Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them. 
We were thinking about leaving this morning but changed our mind. Don’t like crossing the border on Sunday. And when we get to Hermosillo we want to go to the TelCel office to get the Internet stick and usually they aren’t open on Sundays. So….Have to go back to Wal*Mart to get me some M&Ms anyway. And something else that I thought about but forgot to write down…
ARRGG – I keep putting my fingers on the wrong keys and don’t notice until I’ve typed several words.
I also forget that I’m using a newer edition of Office and does things I’m not used to. Like – when I open the blog I press the control key and the end key [which I have to hunt for every time] to go to the end of the writing. And dah – this edition of Office asks me if I want to return to where I left off – all I have to do is click it and it takes me right where I want to be.
Saturday was a pleasant day. Weather once the sun came up was perfect.
Here we are in Mountain View RV Ranch in Amado, AZ.

It is a good place to stay, only 30 some miles from the border. It is a Passport America park for one night at $15. Regular rate $30. 30 and 50 amps, cable TV if wanted, level sites, nice desert landscaping. 

Site markers

Laundry room and clean restrooms. We stay here every year going to and coming from Mexico. Friendly people.
We watched Barcelona tie a soccer game. Then went out to lunch with friends from Green Valley. Ate at Mac’s Pub, as always, good food and company.
Today, Sunday, we had time to waste as we had planned on being on the road. So Bill took a nap and I took a walk around the campground and in the desert that's when I took the pictures above. Managed to put 4600 steps on my FitBit. Then we made a trip to Wal*Mart so I could get a big bag of M&Ms, a new bathroom rug and Bill got a step tracker. 
Then we stopped at Denny's - the one on Continental Rd in Green Valley - for lunch. Much to our surprise Addy was working. I wrote about her a couple of days ago. Today I asked her her age - I know it's a woman's prerogative to keep it secret. But - she happily told me - she is 87! I wish I had half her energy. She says she keeps moving and that keeps her young and she has a beer a couple of times a week. More power to you Addy. We will see you in the Spring when we get back from Mexico. 
Amazing Addy

always on the move

Tomorrow we will leave the campground just after it gets light out. Stop for gas at the Pilot and then cross the border. IF we can get an Internet stick in Hermosillo I will write tomorrow night. If not you probably won't hear from me until we get to San Carlos. 


  1. Wishing you travels. I that all goes according to your plan. What is the issue with a Sunday xcrossing??

    1. nothing just lazy and there was a lot of traffic heading towards border.

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