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Saturday, December 26, 2015

El Quelite restaurant and errands downtown

Yesterday - Christmas Day was different - first thing in the morning our GBs ran out so didn't get anything done on line. 
So what is below is a day behind. 

Yesterday was a perfect day. One of those days where everything comes together with an unexpected event thrown in. But I’ll get to that later.
Returning to our second trip to El Quelite on Wednesday to visit the new restaurant. It was nice, good and could be better. Will return again. The front of the restaurant. It was repainted a couple of years ago.

The plaque on the wall in front of the restaurant giving some information about the building.

The actual building forms the sides of the restaurant – the eating area itself is out in the open in the patio with a roof built over it.
A look at another area of the restaurant
Before we ordered we were shown the steaks we could choose from if we decided on steak. Nice presentation.
They have quite a varied menu – the manager apologized to us because they don’t have the menus printed in English yet. We assured him we could figure them out in Spanish. I had salmon with honey mustard glaze, vegetables and rice. It was very, very good.
John had a bbq’d beef of sorts with rice. He really enjoyed it.
Both Bill and Jackie had the rotisserie chicken with potatoes and scallions and pepper. They both said the chicken was a little dry. And Bill was unhappy that he didn’t get a few more potatoes and scallions.
But overall the food was good, the service excellent and the ambiance great. We’ll probably go back.
The old old roof on the building with cactus growing out of it.
We got a kick out of this. It is the propane tank all dressed up with a hat on.
Back to yesterday. We had made no plans with John and Jackie for the day, but as we were leaving the Alfa headed towards centro we called and asked them if they wanted to go with us. “We’ll be ready in five minutes.” was the reply. We picked them up and headed across town. Lots of traffic in the morning. Parked the car in our favorite lot – a picture of it. Even if it is full they let us in.
First things first PICK UP MY CAMERA. Yes! He was open. The camera was ready and waiting for my hot little hands. He said there was a lot of dirt/sand inside it. 200 pesos for the repair. Now I was happy. Then to the watch makers to pick up Bill’s watches – he has five or six of them. They were all repaired/cleaned/and new batteries. 500 pesos. So they will all be working for another year.  Then we stopped at the restaurant Panama for breakfast. The hostess and the pastry cart girl all decked out for Christmas. 
Some of the Christmas pastries on display.  
 Then we walked up to the central market because I had decided I wanted on of those dragon fruits. This pulmonia went by us loaded with groceries. She either has a BIG family or a restaurant. 
I got my fruit then we headed back to the car. On the way back we stopped at the cathedral. Not a real good picture but it is a pretty building. 
The high stained glass windows all have the colors of the Mexican flag in them. 
 Looking towards the front of the church. 
 The lock holding the front doors closed. 
Driving around we passed this neat mural. It reminds me of the one in El Quelite in the restaurant we usually go to. 
We also made another stop before going home. But that will wait for tomorrows blog. 
I did eat my fruit. It surprised me that it was deep red inside.
 It was pretty good - refreshing, I only ate half of it. Will finish it today while sorting pictures from our special adventure. 
This morning to get the GBs for the Internet we had to walk to a convenience store - so already have in almost 5000 steps. Would never had even attempted to walk 1/4 of the way a year ago. Amazing what feeling good and motivation [for Internet} can do. 


  1. Your picture of the Cathedral window is nice and the interesting story of the Star of David that is on each of the high windows in the cathedral is very interesting, too. Enjoyed your review of the new restaurant in El Quelite - sounds good.

  2. Glad you tried the pitaya (dragonfruit). The ones that are deep pink like you got are my favorite. They taste the same as the ones that are white inside, which are more common, but I am sure they must have more antioxidants, giving them their bright color. Yum!

  3. Thank you for the historical perspective. Also, the shot back to the cruise terminal helps me locate the church relative to el centro.
    I have not been to MZT for five years.
    I have four weeks of timeshare at the Islas Del Sol, December/January. Never driven down so I enjoy hearing the RV issues. I have a 35' Class A. At 78, not sure I am up to the drive down and back.
    Have enjoyed your blog for some time. What camera are you using?
    Thanks, Dayton