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Sunday, December 20, 2015

El Quelite

We’ve been busy. Yesterday Saturday we went to El Quelite with our friends from Canada for breakfast and to wander around the town. More on that later.
I have to brag about myself – actually it’s not as good as it should be but I did 7700 steps on Friday. Yesterday only 5000 including all our walking in El Quelite. Today it is very humid out 86% with a dew point of 66 – don’t think I’ll be doing much trotting around outside.
We put gasoline in the car here – regular is US $3.03 a gallon. The Peso remains about 17 to a dollar thank goodness or the fuel prices would be outrageous.
I took 140 pictures in El Quelite but have managed to pick out just some of them to share today. I have enough for another couple blogs on days we don’t do anything.

So here we go. I know I've posted a lot of pics from there but it is such a pretty little town. In front of the restaurant where we always eat. There were a lot of people in town yesterday.
 Looking down the street where the restaurant is - such pretty colors. 
 Looking out at the street from inside the restaurant. Yes the peacock is inside the restaurant. This is the same restaurant where the iguana in the tree pooped on my head. Now they make sure I am sitting under an umbrella. 
 Bill and our friend John. We are sitting right in front of Lola's grave. Lola was a big parrot who had the run of the restaurant. A couple of years ago she flew out into the street and got hit by a car. 
Before we even order we get, drinks, fresh orange juice, cheese - made in town,fresh fruit, chips, salsa and gorditas [kind of a bread thing made of corn flour. Thick and sweet and very very good.] Also a very creamy cheese in little bowl. After you finish your meal you get four different kinds of deserts. Pudding in a corn husk, a jellied fig type of stuff, rice with milk and dulce de leche. You don't leave there hungry. 
 One of the wonderful hand embroidered blouses for sale there. 
 Again, outside the restaurant. The old meets the new. 
 One of the many pretty colorful homes in El Quelite. Check out the size of the fern. The whole town is full of beautiful plants 
This is an interesting very old home [probably from the early 1899s]. There is cactus growing out of the roof tiles.
There is satellite TV and on the face of the home to the side of the door is a public telephone.
 I liked this piece of wall - it has gourds and pottery set in it. 
 The Christmas display in front of the church. 
 These are new - all the trash cans now have hand painted fronts. All different. Neat. 
A couple of years ago this old building got painted. When we were here in the spring it was empty. Now it is a new restaurant. We didn't notice it until we were walking around after eating. Will have to give it a try on our next trip there. 
The inside [outside] of the restaurant. The building runs in front and along the right side. 
 The sign out front.
 This roof has got to be really old. Look at the number and size of cactus growing out of the tiles. 

We took some video while in the car. If I can figure out how to reduce the mgbs I'll post it. It is so typical of a drive through a small town. 

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  1. How beautiful! So nice to see such lovely, colorful photos of the "real" Mexico. We are in Playa del Carmen, and it is so bland by comparison.