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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Errands in Centro

Picked up our friends from their hotel then went to Torres - the hotel across the street from the RV Park- for breakfast. Another cloudy day and very humid. 
Yesterday was an errand kind of day. Most of the errands could be accomplished in the Centro Historico.  We parked the usual parking lot at #1 and started out to do errands. 

 First stop was the watch makers. Around #2. Bill brings his watches here every year to get them cleaned and or repaired and new batteries. We've been told in the states to throw a couple of them out because they weren't repairable.  
 Then on to #3 to drop off my camera to be fixed. The gentleman told us No Problem. That he will clean the lens and check the camera. 
 Walking towards the Central Market we noticed this tavern had been repainted. It used to be blue and yellow. The bottom is painted to look like wood planks. Looks pretty real. 
On up to the Market #4 to check out a few things. Bill always buys ribbon in the colors of the Mexican flag to put on the antennas on Willie. After a year of blowing around they get pretty ratty looking and have to be replaced. This place also sells millions of different buttons, yarn and decorations for clothes. 
 We went into one of the big yardage stores to check for embroidery designs for pillows but they didn't have any. The Christmas yardage has been marked down from US $4.50 a yard to US $2.30 This particular display was cotton. 
 Then across the street to a men's store. Bill was looking for a certain type of shorts. They didn't have any. Back to the Central Market for some grocery shopping. 
 The peaches and tangerines smelled delicious so we got some. Also found some plums that were about the size of the tangerines. Got some of them too. Less than US $4.00 When we brought them home we put them in the sink to wash them then let them dry before putting them away. The whole RV smelled delicious. 
I've seen these before but only green ones and they were called Dragon Fruit. Next time we go to the market I want to get one. Supposed to be good and good for you. 
Bill finally found his shorts. He was looking for shorts made out of Manta - It is 100% natural unbleached cotton also known as “cotton crudo” or “wild cotton” or organic cotton. The cotton fiber is sturdier, more loosely woven and cool. They also had to have pockets that buttoned and no advertising on them. He got two pair and John also got a couple. 
 We walked back to the car and dropped our packages off and then went on to the Plaza Machado for a cooling drink and chips. While there these girls showed up. They were practicing/learning a dance routine to Christmas music. Fun to watch. 
 They posed for us before they left.
Dropped our friends off at their hotel and came on home. To hot and humid for me to do any thing outside. So only got in 4700 steps yesterday. It is not so humid today.
Christmas decorations around the Alfa - kind of hard to see but they are there. 


  1. Definitely try the pitaya (dragonfruit)! We were introduced to it in Belize. It tastes a lot like kiwi, with the same tiny seeds. Easiest way to eat it is to cut in half and just eat the insides out with a spoon. Or scoop out the insides and make pitaya smoothies (or daiquiris/margaritas!) in the blender. :-)

    1. Thank you - now I'm really going to get one. Sounds good.