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Monday, December 7, 2015

We are in Mexico

Hello from Hermosillo, Mexico. We got here just a little after noon, but more about that later.
Bill and I were walking in the desert for a bit last night. Need to get my steps in for the day. Got over 7000. But today hardly any. Oh well. 
Looking east where the setting sun was turning the mountains pink. In this photo you can really notice the flaw in the camera lens.
 And this was this morning's sunrise. Arizona was giving us something to remember. 

Well I managed to misplace something again. This time it was my whole box full of Mexico stuff. I'm hoping it is in the shed at home. The Mexican cell phone, our Internet stick and the camping books and our Mexico Road Log. This is from "On the Road in Mexico." This is the second time we've had to pay for and download a new one 'cause I misplaced the old one. I always take notes on the pages so we know what to expect. Especially the toll amounts. So anyway this year we are starting new again. This is the Nogales to Puerto Vallarta one. Costs $9.99 to download, but well worth it. They have several different ones covering other routes. 
We stopped for diesel in AZ at the Pilot in Rio Rico so we got to the U.S. border around 8:30. There was absolutely no one around. So we picked the widest lane and just buzzed through. The dashcam is going to get moved tonight. 
 And we were in Mexico - on our way.
 The first checkpoint in Mexico. We did get stopped here and the officer, a young woman, wanted to see the papers for the Jeep. Now this checkpoint is before Km 21 where we do the paper work. So I gave her the copy of the registration. She looked like she didn't know what she was looking at but nonetheless walked back towards the Jeep. Soon she returned handed me the paper and said thank you. No idea what that was about. Something new every year. And we should have been one lane to the right - the widest lane...
Again this year we saw many, many trucks and cars loaded to the hilt heading south. This one has a little load compared to most of them. 
 Well we for sure are in Mexico - our first tope [speed bump] There seemed to be fewer this year than in the past. 
 Getting ready for business. Sweeping the trash up off the dirt.
 Selling fresh juice at a tope. 
Most of the highway was in really good shape. There was only a short stretch where there was construction. And this was it. Lanes were pretty narrow with no shoulders at all, Just a drop off. Good thing I wasn't driving, I would probably have closed my eyes till he was past. 
 Most of the road was like this. Divided and with a shoulder and pretty straight. A pleasure to drive on. 
We did about 200 miles and got here a little after noon. We are staying in Hermosillo at the Sonora RV Park. He has made several improvements here and added some more sites. But you have to watch for it. It is not well marked until you are right up on it. US$ 20 per night with 30amps, water and sewer. All sites are back in. Right after getting  settled in we took off in the Jeep to have lunch and go to TelCel. The TelCel office is on the ground floor of this building. And the restaurant is right across the street. And there is an ATM around the corner. One stop errands.
For lunch we had: lentil soup [delicious], a big salad we shared, french fries and beef milanese and drinks. And of course tortilla chips. Very, very good. Cost 300Pesos. About US$18

This is the restaurant it is part of the Bugambilia Hotel. 
 And here we are at the Sonora RV - the sun was just at the wrong angle for a good picture. See the green just to our side. It is artificial grass - the campground owner has an artificial grass business. 
 This is at the back of the campground. Tables, chairs, a bbq and a golf green. Clubs and balls provided. 

Oh, I forgot. We did get Internet at TelCel. They now have the equivalent of MiFi. Some USB sticks are still available - in fact they had them here. But we got the router. Right now we only have two bars and it kind of goes on and off. But we'll both be able to get on the Internet at the same time. And it works where ever TelCel phones work. Same buy as you need it plan. It was a little pricey. Don't remember what we paid for the stick. But this was US190.00 with 3 GBs of data. But we own the router and can use it for years. Or until I misplace it! 
Tomorrow we'll head to San Carlos for a few days. 

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  1. Seems like I get misplaced in Hermosillo. I have to remember to get into the right lane at the south end of town to get back on 15d. Glad you had a good travel day.