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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Leaving San Carlos Today instead

Tuesday morning.
Yes, we are still in San Carlos, but as soon as I put this away we will for sure be leaving.
Sunday night some time the electricity went off. I guess with the electric blanket, small electric heater and the furnace coming on it popped the breaker. And yes it did get that cold here. And will again tonight. Any way Bill woke up cold realized the power was off so he went outside and futzed with the breaker until all was well again. (I slept through it all.) So by the time he got back to sleep it was almost time to get up. When he finally did get up he had a whopper of a headache so he turned around and went back to bed. By the time he got up neither of us felt like getting on the road. So that's why we are still here.
As it turned out it was lucky we were still here. Our new TelCel MiFi  started giving us problems a couple of days ago. It would connect but we couldn't get on the Internet. Then it started giving me weird messages. Something about IP addresses. So for something to do we went into Guaymas to the TelCel Customer Service office. Long Line! But we had nothing better to do so we slowly made our way to the front of the line. Three windows finished with their customers. The service representatives looked at the line...we were very definitely tourists - probably English speaking tourists - Two of them got up and did some walking around behind the counter. Both of them nudging the remaining woman who finally motioned us over. She did speak some English - but of course no matter how Gringo Bill looks, his Spanish is excellent. We could see her relief though she did continue to speak in English for my benefit. We handed over the MiFi she checked the numbers on it, went on her computer and told us we didn't have any data time on it. Not possible we said. We only bought it a week ago and it came with 3GBs of data. We'd barely used it as we'd been using the RV Parks WiFi. She went back to the technicians they checked everything out. Nope only problem was no time on it. So she suggested we buy some time and then she'd check it again. Bill went to the window where you can buy time. Came back with the receipt - sure enough it went on line. While he was gone I asked her what the 2nd button on the device was for. I knew the on/off button but couldn't read what the other button said. And I was sure that at one time or another while trying to get it to work I'd pressed that button. Oh, Oh! when that button got pressed it sent out a wifi signal that wasn't secured - any one could use it. CRAP - wonder how many fellow RVs used our signal. Never press that button. If it was not activated only we could use the signal with our password. If it was pressed any body could use it without a password. 
So we bought more time and I'll be very careful from now on.  Fingers will get no where near that button. Poor lady kept trying to use her English but finally had to resort to Spanish to explain everything. 
We were there over two hours but it is working fine now. And it is put away in it's box until I need to use it tonight. 
Didn't get as cold last night and electricity stayed on. So we feel like hitting the road today. 

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