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Friday, December 4, 2015

Got a lot done today

We had a really busy day Friday. Got a whole done. It is still getting cold even this far south at night. Had the electric blanket and furnace on.
We got an early start and headed north towards Green Valley to go to Denny’s for breakfast. We like to check on one of the employees there, she is a firecracker by the name of Addy. She is a widow in her late 80s. She is hostess, busboy, information giver, greeter and all around great person. We are always afraid she won’t be there anymore. But today we were lucky, she was there in her red Christmas sweater and Santa hat. She came over and visited with us between taking care of everything else. Go Addy!
From there we went to the Verizon store and changed our plan to one that works great in Mexico with no roaming charges. Then to Wal*Mart to get hopefully the last things on the list. We must have got most of them ‘cause the cart was full at check out. Stuff like Bushes Beans, Sandwich Spread, paper plates and some frozen meals for when I don’t want to cook. I also got a FitBit but the instruction packet has such small lettering so small I can’t read them. I finally did see where it said to go on-line to set it up. So will work on that later.
We came home and put everything away then turned right around and went south to Nogales to get our Mexican insurance and to exchange some money. The Peso is about 17 to a dollar. The exchange we got was 16.49 to a dollar. Much better, for us, than last year. It will take some of the bite out of the price of diesel in Mexico.
Also spent about an hour between on-line and the phone trying to put our home Internet service on a vacation suspension. What a disorganized company. There went the blood pressure again. Finally got it done though. Just hope I can get it back on when we get home.

Later I watched the NASCAR awards banquet. It will be months before I get another fix. 


  1. The folks parked beside us here on the Isla live in Tubac and are here for a month. They really felt the cold before they left. Good luck with all the final prep.

    1. We've pretty much got every thing done and are ready to go. Just going to fuel up in Rio Rico before crossing border. Today a soccer game on TV and lunch with friends.

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